Monsters U, Oceanside, D1rty M4NTA R4Y D34th, & Me

Well, we had quite the eventful day yesterday. I think i'll start this one backwards. I had a pretty crummy morning so D, the ever-so-thoughtful boyfriend, took me to see Monsters University in the evening, which I have been dying to see! I was in such a grumpy cat mood allllll morning--I just don't know how he can stand me sometimes. But don't be fooled, he can be a grumpy cat too! It's all part of relationship territory I suppose. 

Anyway, Monsters University was SO GOOD! I can't believe it has been ten years since Monsters Inc. came out. That's just--unreal! The years man, they are going faaaast. Interestingly enough, going through college made Monsters University even funnier. Some things resonated way too closely with the way the Theatre program at CSUF was run. But it all made for some reeeeeeal good laughs. I suppose it's all part of Disney's marketing scheme, it's around this time that all of us who grew up with Monsters Inc. would be in college or recently have experienced it, so of course we would all be stoked to see it. But regardless, it's hilarious and super cute. Must see if you loved Monsters Inc. Just try to go during a weird time like a matinee so there's less chances of there being too many crying kiddos around. Do not go at like peak time: 7pm. Bad idea. 

All movie things aside, let's talk about summer layering. IT'S HARD. But thanks to the eye-opening suggestion from Marlen of Messages on a Napkin to just bring a sweater along, for a simple addition of color or print or whatever-- I'm all into it right now. It's so easy. I can't believe how easy that was, I feel super silly for not having thought of it sooner! 

And here's this photo where i'm not being too serious for once. I suffer from chronic bitchface, sorry. 

top: UO // yellow cardigan: BDG via UO // high waisted skirt: kimchi blue via UO // glasses: Derek Cardigan via Coastal
boots: thrifted (timberland) // purse: ebay // necklace: erica weiner (silver letterpress necklace with my initials!) 

Also, not sure if ya'll are aware but there's a sick summer sale going on at H&M right now! Before our movie, D & I went to the mall to kill some time, and he made like a bandit at H&M and major scored on tons of shirts and cardigans. Lucky doggy. I found nothing for me, but i did find some awesome things for my little one at H&M kids. I may never have kids, so i feel like i need to enjoy my sister's kids before they all grow up and their coolness/cuteness subsides. hahaha. That probably sounded really douchey. Whoops. I hope you know what I mean!

As for the morning--it was such a shit show, I just--I don't even know how to talk about it without getting all upset. First thing's first, my car, the dirty little M4NT4 R4Y, did not pass it's smog check in April, and after getting a state issued scarlet number, I just couldn't afford to get it fixed. I certainly don't have the dough to get a new ride either so it's all just a very inconvenient and stressful situation. Anyway, I had to drive the M4NT4 R4Y down to Oceanside to a dismantler that still had fund$ from the govt. to pay me for it, (not enough but something IS something), which in its own way was really nice because I got to spend a nice last solitary ride with my car. I mean, i've been through a lot with this car. It got broken into four times, I got it the week i met D, I made all my freelance shopping trips on it, and obviously, it gave me lots of freedom. SoCal is just not good with public transportation so out here, you really need a car. As for the dismantler place--it was just the SHADIEST place on earth. You know the brave little toaster movie (i think it was that movie at least) where there's that scene when they're in the junkyard and all? It's like that. Overwhelming and scary. To top it off, the lady who was "helping" me was the biggest grouch on earth, and she called this guy to bring a forklift even though you could easily drive my car. So the guy, by state law, is supposed to test the vehicle to make sure it passes all the requirements so that the place can issue you a govt. check...BUT HE DIDNT TEST IT. He took out a spray can, vandalized the car in front of me, and I kid you not, looked at me with such a menacing look on his face, like he was enjoying the way he brought me to near tears. Jesus. It's already enough that I have to give my car up, but you really have to rape it in front of me? Gahhhh. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that car except that it didn't pass smog. SIIIIIIGH. I'm also more upset about because i just recently bought it new tires. WAHHH. But whateverrrr. Something will come my way! I hope.

The only way to remedy this not so delightful situation was of course an awesome banana split from Vinaka Cafe in Oceanside:

Can't help but feel like I won the boyfriend lottery, you guys!

RIP little dirty M4NT4 R4Y:

you will be missed, old friend. 


  1. TEN YEARS for mosters inc?! holy cow, just how OLD are we? also, love how this outfit turned out with the yellow sweater. yaaaay for the shout out! i got so excited that someone else tried the sweater thing that i called marc over to show him, haha! and holy shit, that whole car situation sounded dreadful. what terrible people -__-

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Hahaha yeah, that sweater layering tip was soooo good! I did it again today. Its definitely going to be my go to trick when an outfit is borderline boring. Summer layering for the win! Uuuuuugh I know, but i'm totally trying to keep positive now. Some good thoughts might help bring a car my way? Perhaps? Haha

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  3. Loving your edgy outfit! Your striped top is so cute, and I love your mustard cardigan tied around your waist. I have a similar one and I wear it all the time. Your glasses are perfect by the way.


    1. Omg Jessica this cardigan is my favorite sweater EVERRRRRR!!! It is completely falling apart though so it's terribly sad. Def one of those items I wish I had bought three of! Haha. And thanks! The glasses only the shipping ($16) isn't that crazy? I thought their first pair free thing was a scam but it's not!