short hair - don't care

oh hi so this happened. if you're not up to date on the instagram haps, i cut off my long hair. it just needed to happen. it's getting too hot and long hair is just unmanageable. so last weekend i just decided snip snip was the solution. And honestly, so far, it has been. it's only been hard because i am dying to do cool beach waves but my straight ass asian hair won't have any of it. it just plain refuses to hold a curl! i've tried two sea salt sprays and hair spray (at the same time) and both a flat iron and a curling iron and just nothing. it doesn't help that my bathroom is a sauna so by the time i'm done styling my hair i've sweat the entire style out. if you have any tips for someone with straight asian hair on how to keep a curl, you let a sistah know.

so now to address my absence... i just don't really know what to say. i've had photos piling up for outfit posts, even a few book reviews but honestly, i just havent felt like updating. this whole time i barely even turned on my computer. i spent most of my online time either checking out instagram, lurking facebook updates, and checking my email. that's it. i haven't read a single blog. (sorry friends!). i've just been so ridiculously tired. i was working a full time schedule and it was just draining me. i think soon i'll have more time to relax and catch up on blogs when i go back to a part time schedule. if the train had wifi, i'd be golden with catchin up on blogs. lol jk. in the mornings i like to just close my eyes and listen to music in peace. 

anyway, i hope you've all been well during my absence. i still have photos from longer haired days, so i'll probably run those through since my pal Eileen, who took my photos at work got a cool job elsewhere. i missssss herrrrrr. 

also, sorry for the crappy insta photo. i haven't made use of my camera in a long time. shame on me.

dress: via threadsence (sold out but you can find it at swell too!)