Hamburger Helper

first of all, i have to tell you guys...bare with me here with the grocery store outfit photos. i think it's pretty hilarious, but seriously, i have no other time to take photos and i feel like the blog has been quiet lately solely based on the fact that i just don't have any photos to post. D & i never have time off together during the day and we only ever go out to the grocery because we're boring old people, so here were are. also, we'll have to deal with crappy iphone photos for now my loves, because i just can't be bothered to carry a giant dslr everywhere with me. until i buy a nice dslr quality point and shoot type of camera, this will have to do!

on a more sartorial note here, can we talk about how i'm actually really into flares as of late? i loved them in jr. high and then after that i was just grossed out by them. i couldn't get past them. but nowwwww, i want all the flares! maybe it's all the 70s rock music i've been listening to lately that's really influencing my mood which in turn influences what i wear. that's just how it works and i'm totally not mad about it. 

remember how i mentioned that i mixed teal dye with black and ended up with a witchy green? well, here it is! you normally can't even tell but i think it really pops out with this chartreuse sweater. also, too bad we didn't get a closer shot of this rad zodiac necklace, but take my word for it about how it's both equally creepy and awesome. the water bearer's face is just hilarious.

coat: tulle, sweater: urbanog, top: ruche, bottoms: urban outfitters (scored on major sale! sold out, similar), boots: frye via macys, glasses: derek cardigan via coastal, necklace: anthropologie, rings: vintage & threadsence, lip color: wet n' wild megalast in purty persimmon no. 970

all in all, i had a freaking amazing weekend of pure relaxation. i had thurs and fri off work so technically i had a four day weekend! sadly, i didn't get to spend much time with D to go out and play, but it was nice to get some relaxation time after the crazy holiday work hours i had been working. i've spent my weekend cooking like crazy and i'm super stoked! i've been trying a lot of Diane Sanfilippo's recipes from her newest book Practical Paleo and i have not been disappointed. now that we have car access it's easier for us to drive out and get grass-fed meats and organic produce for our paleo meals. don't worry guys, when i'm out with friends i'll go ahead and eat that cupcake, i just cook paleo mostly for my guy. it's just easier if we both do it and i'm not being that jerk eating a sandwich in front of the poor boy. but i'm not going to lie, eating paleo has made me feel more energized and i no longer feel lethargic all the time--let's face it i was heading towards prediabetes there, and i'm not kidding, it runs in my family. but let's leave all that diet business for another time!

Witch Baby

annnnd i'm finally getting used to having black hair. for a while there i was having a hard time recognizing myself in the mirror! lol.

so this top is hilarious solely based on the fact that its shape is a square. it seriously looks like a tablecloth...but i like it. i like the flowy-ness of it all, especially when i extend out my arms and it looks like i've got bat wings. plus i feel like a total witch baby when i wear it--especially now with the witchy hair! 

top: threadsence, jeans: kohls, boots: vagabond via urban (on sale!), necklaces: erica weiner & threadsence, bracelets: vintage & vanessa mooney, rings: vintage & erica weiner, bag: fjallraven kanken mini (now found at urban!), lip color: make-up forever rouge artist intense no. 48

i need more days at the park with D. now that our schedules don't coincide with the same free days we hardly ever have time to spend together during the day, hence the lack of outfit photos around here. oh, adulthood!


I suppose now would be a good time to mention that I got rid of the teal in my hair. I was pretty bummed about letting it go because I have never before felt so "me" until I went teal but, it's been a long time with it and I needed a change. A fresh start for 2014 if you will. But of course, knowing me, you know I had to do it my way--so i mixed leftover teal with the black and it created a freak color so indoors it's black and in the sun it's a witchy black with a greenish tint. Come on, you know me, I couldn't just let it go 100%, but honestly, i'm stoked for it. I like it and that's all that matters. Now moving on to try to tame my bangs to do the middle part thing and eventually get layers so I can try to rock a 70s rocker babe look. Onward!

dressRuche, shoes: Betsey Johnson via Macy's (sold out, similar) , necklace: Erica Weiner, glasses: Derek Cardigan, groceries: Sprouts ;)

In Dreams: Free People January 2014 Catalogue!

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Have you guys ever fallen in love with a dress so much that it hurt? LOL okay, exaggeration aside, how can you not love this FP New Romantics Delphine Dress [1]? I am seriously so in love I want to cry because i just cannot justify this purchase right now. Take a look at this dress, see the back? IT'S PERFECT!!!! I. NEED. IT. I just, i do. SIGH. I also need it in the black. it's just too good. I can't even form full comprehensive sentences i'm so captivated by this dress. I need to sell my soul or something just so i can buy that dress. 

Craziness aside, i'm so stoked about this January catalogue because so many pieces are sooooo good. It was hard narrowing it down to just ten pieces because everything was super awesome. Like this romper [6], what!? It's so freaking awesome--i don't even wear rompers. I know this romper would really look great only on girls with small breasts but damn, if i owned this i would make some alterations to the top part to make it work for my girls, because let me tell you, i don't need them in anyone's face. But this romper is so awesome i would make an exception for it in my wardrobe. 

This New Romantics Pinnacle Mesh top [7] is super perfect for the ever present summer weather we have here in SoCal--I know i would live in this top! 

Overall, SO MUCH GOODNESS for this January's catalogue. Now i'm gonna go and balance my checkbook and figure out how long it's going to take me until i can afford the Delphine Dress. le sigh. 


It’s 2014! Hooray! Maybe I’ll actually post often! Okay I’m not going to promise anything. I gotta say, I’m so freakin excited that 2013 is now OVER!!!! Yes, four exclamation marks because that’s just how done I am with last year. It was a really tough year for me but don’t worry guys, I totally understand that you have to go through bad times to find the good times. So here’s to looking at the positive.

Although 2013 was literally a hot mess for me there was tons of stuff I learned and experienced lots of exciting things. For example:

  • D & I moved in together
  • I learned how to ride public transportation
  • I quit my retail job of 6.5 years and am a million times happier
  • Learned to explore a new city
  • Began to make better eating choices (75% gluten free, yeah!)
  • Successfully finished my first internship
  • Played photographer at my good friend’s wedding
  • Went on lots of hikes with D
  • Finally mastered the art of Pot Roast

And now for 2014, I want to find a job that pays me well so I can buy a new car. Don’t get me wrong, I love public transportation, but some things are just hard when you don’t have a car…like grocery shopping, or seeing your mom whenever you want to. I want to be healthier! We’re already eating mostly paleo but I want to go on more hikes and be outdoors more often, relax and such. I want to rearrange the apartment so it actually feels like we live here. I want to be more organized and I want to work on more crafty projects. I want to cook more often, even though washing dishes is the bane of my existence. I want to spend more time with friends who are willing to put as much effort as I am into the friendship. I want to be more independent and be okay with doing things on my own more often. Something happened to me (I don’t know what) somewhere between college and post college where I sort of lost any desire to do things on my own and find it hard to push myself to do things. But I’ve started with little things, like eating brunch at my favorite local spot, walking to Urban (lol I know, but its so close to me I don’t even have to cross the street) and lurking the sales rack on my own, taking the bus to meet friends, etc.

But seriously, I am super ready for some changes around here. I am learning to accept the universe’s greatness and know it has some really awesome things in store for me this year. So I’ll leave you with this photo I took today on the Surfliner on my way back home from Oceanside. 

Yeah, I took a solo trip for some freelance work i do out there, and it was super relaxing and awesome. I kind of enjoyed doing my monthly insta updates, but I’m not sure if I want to recount old business from last year. If I feel up to it I will!