TUNEAGE: LET'S GET CLOSER (9th Annual Valentine's Day Playlist)

Here it is! The 9th Annual Valentine's Day Playlist!! YAY! i'm not going to lie, this almost didn't happen--mostly because i was feeling a little unmotivated and because my internet is literally a piece of shit. Guess who's going to yell at time warner on Tuesday? Yea.

This year's theme is all about the dance moves--i'm sorry (not sorry) but mostly all of what i listened to last year and the beginning of this year has been nothing but dance and funk tracks--disco here, italo-disco there, nu-disco everywhere. There is nothing wrong with disco! My personal life motto is I DISCO IN THE MORNING AND I ROCK N ROLL AT NIGHT. Give it a try, i bet you won't be disappointed. Oh and don't worry, i threw in a few familiar newbies for ya ;)

I preferably would like you guys to listen to this on 8tracks as there are two songs that are not on Spotify which i feel really complete and add to the playlist. However, if you're on the go, or at work, feel free to listen to the spotify version--it's still good!

Tracklist:  LET'S GET CLOSER

  1. I Feel Love // Donna Summer
  2. Catch Me Tiger // Arabesque (only avail on 8tracks)
  3. Come On Closer // Pineapples (only avail on 8tracks)
  4. I Want Your Love // Chromatics
  5. Strawberry Letter 23 // The Brothers Johnson
  6. Voulez-Vous // ABBA
  7. We Are Explorers // Cut Copy
  8. Feeling Without Touching // Glass Candy
  9. I Need Somebody To Love Tonight // Sylvester
  10. Falling // Welcome Back Sailors
  11. The Greatest // KING
  12. Ring My Bell // Anita Ward
  13. Hands All Over Me // Tamaryn
  14. Rock Your Baby // George McCrae
  15. Desert Rose (War Prayer) // INC.
  16. Lost Souls/Eelings // Trust
  17. Blue Honey // Pop Levi
  18. How Deep Is Your Love // Bee Gees
  19. Share The Night // The Clientele
  20. The Moment // Tame Impala

i'm out. until next year. lol.