print on print

hello there friends. today is actually a cool and overcast day. and it's kind of chilly! yaaaaay. tights season is upon us! so i should probably go ahead and get a move on and update all my outfits from the last few sunny days we've had. haha. 

let's see things that have been going on...we signed the lease for our apt for another year so i've already gotten into remodel mode. i've got lots of ideas to give this little nook of ours a little revamp. also i want to get back to sewing so i want to create myself a nice work space. ive been going crazy on the pinterest this week looking for organization and design ideas. so if you seen any good ideas holla at me! 

now, let's get to this outfit. um i love this skirt. there i said it. when i first started at threadsence it was a new arrival and it sold out in a few days. so when i actually had some money for it it was gone!!!! sad sad sad. but don't worry because i lurked every corner of the internet until i found it, and i found it over at urbanog!  (and it's now on sale!). this skirt has two slits and it has a mini skirt lining inside but the best part of it? the print makes wrinkles very forgiving. nothing bothers me more than wrinkled clothing, but let's be real, most of us sit and move and do things all day so there's no possible way of not ending up with wrinkled clothing, so when it can be hidden it's always a major plus.

skirturbanogtop: urban outfitters, plaid top: thrifted, bootsurbanogbracelets: vanessa mooney via threadsence  & amrita singh, sunglassesrayban via macys, necklace: erica weiner, rings: thrifted & erica weinerlip colortarte matte lip tint in lively

 i know, i know, this outfit got a little crazy with the addition of that plaid shirt. but i'm trying to step out of my comfort zone and trying more print on print combinations. My bestie Marc will be very proud! He's the king of print on print. 

when i wrapped up my internship i bought myself this vanessa mooney cuff as a present for doing so well and surviving a summer internship. it's a copper band so it stains my skin green but it's totally cute so i find it totally worth it. hehe.
and last but not least these shoes are totally rad!! they are really well made and they look expensive even though they were actually very inexpensive! i'm on a budget yo! haha anyway i love these because when i wore them to my sisters house a few days back, my youngest niece who is 4, found a moment to tell me that she really liked my boots and that she wanted a pair lol. she's seriously the cutest kid ever. also, the side buckles make this click-clack noise when i walk, and i actually like that! it makes me feel like im wearing spurs hahaha.


i find it weird whenever people ask me to describe my style. mostly because i just can't ever find words to give a proper descriptor. i find that my personal style depends deeply on how i feel that day. so can i say my style is moody? or i think probably mood-dependent would sound better. another thing i could say is eclectic but that's sort of ironically a generalization don't you think? maybe it's because i'm a costume designer by trade and i find costume history important that i find it hard to just "define" my style. i like everything. past trends certainly inspire new ones and silhouettes get recycled as do certain styles. the other day i went shopping with a friend and i asked "should i get this jacket? i love it" to which my friend replied "i don't know it's not really you". what does that even mean? it's not me? but i like it.  what does anyone else know about something being me? doesnt me liking something justify something as being me? naturally i was offended by that response, but it's okay, no harm was intended. i just think from now if i like something, i get it solely based on that fact. (and if budget allows of course).

and don't worry friends, i got the jacket anyway and it's definitely ME. 

let's talk about this graphic tank--the sides are so open it's ridiculous. i would never wear this with just a bra under without a jacket or a sweater because i just don't feel comfortable doing so. however, i found the secret to feeling comfortable in this shirt! a bra crop! it gives you more coverage if that's your thing (certainly is my thing).  i suppose you could also wear a small tank underneath too. my plan was to just sew up the sides a bit more but i think i like this idea of wearing color tanks under because sometimes playing with color is my thing.
sweater: tulle (old), skirt: tulle, graphic tee: wasteland, bra crop: urban outfitters (on sale now!), sunglasses: rayban, boots: doc martens, socks: american apparel

Independence, My Origins, and a Dress

As some of you  may know, yesterday was Mexico's Independence day. Since i have dual citizenship i feel like it's only my duty to be patriotic on that day as well. I mean, i was patriotic this fourth of july so why not right? I guess patriotic would be the wrong term actually because that would probably imply that i would wear green, white and red. whoooops. Okay i guess we can say festive. Yeah, festive is a good descriptor here. hehe. 

We didn't really celebrate the holiday because it was a Monday but we did get together on Saturday night at my parents place to watch the boxing fight between Saul "Canelo" Alvarez & Floyd Mayweather Jr. That was really special to me. Now that i'm older i feel like i'm learning to truly appreciate my family and spending time with them is very important. Also i really like boxing (so what?) and Canelo Alvarez is my maaaaan. I love gingers and maaaaan have you seen those freckles? He didn't win the fight, but it's okay guys, he's only 23, he's got a long career ahead of him. But everyone at my parents house was pretty damn bummed (i kind of still am). 

Oh yeahhh, I'm not sure i have mentioned it here but I'm Mexican-Vietnamese. In case you were wondering why this asian girl is always talking about "growing up mexican",  i was born in beautiful Sinaloa, Mexico and moved to the states when i was six. Yes, i am fluent in Spanish and i'm deeply connected to my roots. I can't say the same about my Vietnamese side, although i do know all the curse words and words about eating and food, so i mean, i know all the important stuff, right? Hahaha but in all seriousness i'm really ashamed that i didn't apply myself and stick it out learning Vietnamese--i want to travel to Vietnam someday but i know that in order to get the experience i want, i will need to speak the language first. Perhaps that will be my goal next year, to learn Vietnamese (obviously i won't be a master at it but my goal is just to get by haha).

dress: from Guanajuato, MX, belt: thrifted, shoesurbanogglassescoastalnecklaceerica weiner

So the thing you actually wanted to know: where did this dress come from!? This dress i purchased on a trip to Guanajuato in 2009. I went to visit my good friend Angie who was at the time studying aboard. It was quite honestly one of the most amazing trips i have ever been on. Guanajuato is a college town and it's full of beautiful colors and amazing people and of course the yummiest food. Guanajuato is also known for its mummy museum. Yes, you read that right. hahah maybe i'll post photos from that trip someday. i dont think i even wrote about it on know,  back in the LJ days haha. Anyway the dress was actually floor length and had short sleeves that fell down to my elbows! I really had a hard time cutting the dress because the embroidery work is just so delicate and beautiful i didn't want to wreck it! Luckily though the embroidery design on the middle of this dress fell right where i wanted it to be and i didn't have to break up the embroidery too much and then i just removed the sleeves with a seam ripper and added a hem. I wear this dress all the time (even during winter with tights) and i have a feeling it's a dress i'm probably gonna keep forever, or until the very last thread falls apart. Sometimes i wear it unbelted too!

Lookin' Back: August 2013

all photos from my instagram: @atthisvolume

I know it's September but i totally just realized that i hadn't posted August 2013 in review! whoooaaaaa. Also how is it like already mid september? why does time go by so fast! i don't like it one bit.

August was pretty chill overall.

  • spent a lot of August catching up on Fall Fashion reading several September Issues at the park while D skated. although i love print magazines i have to admit i was pretty bored by the september issues. this has to do with having to search the internet every day for trends and new editorials for moodboards at the internship. i feel like the importance of the september issues is now in this day and age undermined by the instant gratification we get from the internet.

  • i made pancakes for the very first time! and they were amazing! D worked overtime one day and i really wanted pancakes but since he's the king of pancake making but he wasn't here i had to do it myself. they were pretty damn good if i do say so myself. i will post that recipe soon!

  • D & I enjoyed many days at the park. He skates there while i read. that ground is soooo rough so i don't even try to skate. i know falling on that ground will probably leave a nasty scratch/bruise/whatever.

  • this is the month i learned how to ride the buses in Orange County! pretty exciting things there. i mean, this way i have some freedom back and i don't have to stay cooped up indoors all day. it's super easy to take the bus to my internship and the other day i took the bus to the Brea Mall and had my sister pick me up and take me to her house that's only 15 minutes away. so truly, now i don't really have an excuse to not hang out with my family.

  • speaking of family, at the end of August we had to go to a funeral for my Aunt (my mom's first cousin really, but you know Mexicans, everyone you know is your aunt!). it was really sad of course but it was a really pretty funeral. there was a mariachi band and they played amazing songs, something i know my Aunt Linda would have loved. While at the funeral though, i saw a lot of family that i haven't seen in years. And why? School or work or doing hoodrat things with my friends. And that really made me feel weird, like i havent seen these people in ages! The adults are not getting any younger and all the kids my age have kids of their own. So many new kids i have never met before, so many people who hadn't seen me in probably ten years. it was so i dont know, weird? Then it dawned on me that i have sacrificed precious time with my family for stupid reasons and i just don't want to do that anymore. I want to see my sister's kids grow up. I want to be a great aunt to me like my Aunt Mari was to me. i want to be there for my sister whenever she needs me and i want to be there for my mom. I just want to spend as much time as i can with my mom because i know that unfortunately one day, she won't be here. So spending time with my family and getting to see my nieces and nephew grow up will be at the top of my priorities from now on.

  • we did a lot of hiking over at Crystal Cove state park. we hiked 9 miles one day and it was crazy! we saw a coyote and the fear set in and made me run the entire way back lol. (how's that for inspiration!?) another day when we hiked less, we came across the steepest hill on a trail and i was literally in tears because i was so afraid and knew there was no way i could make it down. D was ridiculously encouraging and waited for me at the bottom while i had to scoot my butt down there. lol. it was pretty funny even though at the time it was the most frightening thing ever. I love D, he's always pushing me to do my best!

  • um. i bought the cutest ugly sandals ever from urbanog and although i didn't think i'd actually end up loving them, i totally do. they were so ugly they were cute to me. is that...weird? it probably is. haha. but yeah theyre the BEST sandals everrrrr and i get compliments on them all the time so it was a super rad purchase after all. isn't that always the best?
  • while i didn't get to go to FYF like i thought i was, i ended up making an amazing pot roast for two. i definitely spent a lot more time in the kitchen this month. that's what happens when you don't have a car and youre hungry. haha

  • i reunited with one of my besties, Marc Defiant, and it was refreshing. most of my friends moved away so having a few friends left in socal is a blessing except i've been a recluse lately and not seen anyone. but i've decided to stop being a crazy person and reach out to my buddies because i'm just a lot saner and happier when theyre around.

Tuneage: Pop Noir - "Jealousy"

New music video from pals, Pop Noir, make sure to take a look. This one will give you all the feels, come on, you know that feeling of jealousy, we've alllllll been there.

Super stoked for their September 25th show at the echo! i hope things work out and i get to go!

What are you waiting for? Just listen already, you're totally gonna wanna dance to this one.

if you can't make it to the show, their new EP "Jealousy" is available now on itunes!

ThreadSence Fall 2013 Lookbook: Inspiration Never Sleeps

So remember when i mentioned that the ThreadSence Fall Lookbook was coming soon? Well, the day has finally arrived! Woo! Check out Inspiration Never Sleeps at with the queen of all babes, Natalie Suarez of Natalie off Duty. Make sure you watch the video too, it's really cool.

So here are a few looks i styled (just clothing, not jewelry):
(this one is my faaaaave)

this hat. i need it.

And some favorites I didn't style:

sooo i suppose it's now time to mention that my internship with ThreadSence is now over, but i learned sooo soo much, and i'm super bummed it's over. It was work that didn't feel like work. I'm going to miss my styling team a lot but i hope that i will see them sometime soon.

Here's to a Summer well spent!

Beauty Talk: September Wishlist

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hey guys just droppin in for a quick one. i still havent gotten around to catching up on all your awesome blogs but i swearrrr that it will happen soon. i've been kindasortanotreally working on my portfolio and wrapping things up at my internship so i've been super busy around here. i've also been trying to stop being such a recluse and actually hanging out with friends and spending time with the boyfriend and my family. 

anyway, here's my current beauty wishlist! 

1. this living proof style extender is amazing! i got a sample of it in the beauty awards birchbox and it seriously is the best hair product ever. i dont wash my hair every day because it's colored but i usually feel weird about it because i feel that my hair gets limp and lifeless real quickly, but when i started using the living proof style extender it feels like it has more volume and it feels soft and looks shiny without being too shiny. on top of all that it smells amazing! i put it on after i wash my hair and towel dry a bit and just leave it in. i highly recommend it and i definitely need to buy this in a larger size. you only need about a quarter size droplet and you're good to go! (you could probably use half of that if you have short hair though) 

2. i'm not usually a big eyeshadow user (because ive spent my time in high school being an eyeshadow abuser) but i'm really into that "no makeup" makeup look now and i def. want to start working that into my daily routine.

3. since i want to start using eyeshadow i need a good eyeshadow primer because i have the oiliest eyelids on earth (gross, i know). my sister uses this primer and she only has really good things to say about it. 

4. D bought a clarisonic last year when we were in portland (hello no sales tax) and he seriously has used it like twice. whaaaat? so i'm just going to buy a new brush head and take it over because he's letting such a good product go to waste.

5. OMG. so i bought this lipstick in cherry bomb and it is so rad! and definitely not bad for $1.99! my sister has a few colors and suggested i give it a try and let me tell you at $2 these guys are a steal! they last quite a long time, which is perfect for me because i HATE to reapply lipstick, just hate it. and the colors are really rich. i bought another color, which name i can't recall, but i can easily compare it to NARS' scarlet empress. VERY impressive for a $2 lipstick. I've been on the market for a nice nude lip color so i feel like this would be nice to try, and safe, because i'm not sure if a nude color would even look good on me.

6. lastly, sephora has this awesome gift set for $25! that tarte lip stain costs $25 on its own so this is definitely a steal. i think i might buy my sister one for xmas, she's really into makeup if you already couldn't tell.