Blast From The Past: Call Of The Ghost Tiger

all right. i'm going to be honest about it...i LOVE Tiger Army. so sue me.

the other day i was unpacking some of my cds and organizing them and i found an empty case of "Power of Moonlite" by Tiger Army. that used to be one of my ultimate favorite albums when i was around 14 or 15. i don't really remember but damn i remember how much i loved that album. so i was really bummed that the case was empty and so i downloaded the album online. and i have not been able to stop listening to it. seriously my account says ive listened to them 312 times this past week. eek! haha. Annabel Lee has got to be one of my favorite songs ever. Nick13's voice is so haunting but yet it works. okay so you don't believe me, if you've never heard Tiger Army, give it a try, perhaps you might or might not like it but at least you'll know what i'm talking about:

Tiger Army - Annabel Lee

Paint it Black

Pop Noir

had a good time seeing Pop Noir at the Roxy.
i really think these boys will go big places. i'm glad for them.
i think they're so funny because onstage they totally rock out and theyre so out there and then when they were at my bday bash in feb. they were so quiet and just stood with Ruby and her crew the entire night. haha. they're cool guys though and you guys should definitely give them a listen because they are fantastic:
make sure you listen to Santa Ana, that's my favorite track.

Onstage Dance Party
the wombats also played and im going to be honest, i had never heard them before. sure i downloaded that free itunes song but they didnt really strike me as amazing. i still feel the same way but it was a good show nonetheless. i mean come on, as it being my first guestlisted show i decided to stay and enjoy it. the wombats made me feel like i was a fifteen year old girl again....or maybe it was the fact there were a bunch of 15 year old girls there? haha. who knows. all i know is that i'm tired of little kids at shows. i know i used to be one of them but i was never that annoying.

Cut Copy Gets Copied

it really makes me so sad to know there are so many unoriginal artists out there.
it's just really sad.
it's one thing to have inspiration from someone and another to just straight out copy someone.

one of my favorite bands, cut copy, released an album with this cover in 2004:

thalia's cover art for her new album Lunada:

now if that's not straight out copying i dont know what is.
i read somewhere that she admitted to the copying saying it was intentional that it inspired her and all this stuff. BULLSHIT. thats fucking ripped off straight from cut copy. this is like when urban outfitters ripped off johnny cupcakes' designs. the really sad thing is that she probably would've gotten away with it had cut copy not reached a level of newfound stardom in the U.S. now this makes me so upset to just sit and think for a moment about how many artists out there are being ripped off by mainstream musicians. thats just bullshit.

the saddest thing of this all is that i used to like thalia. come on give me a break, being half mexican i grew up singing her songs. this is just all so sad.

My Egyptian Grammar

The Fiery Furnaces
The Fiery Furnaces

The Fiery Furnaces.

Grand Ole Party

Grand Ole Party.

both at the glass house in pomona, june 2nd, 2008.
can i just say they were both freaking UhhhhMAYYYYYzinnnnggg!!?
yeah thats it.