Ah, another year, another playlist—or two. ;)
Love is multifaceted—never is it one dimensional, which is why I’ve probably gotten in the habit of making two lists now. Enjoy, my loves.

11th annual Valentine’s day playlist(s):

It takes guts to let go. Sometimes familiarity is easier to face than the unknown and sometimes a standstill doesn’t cut it anymore. What do you do? How do you work through countless emotions that blur your consciousness? Sometimes you just have to step back and accept that people change, things change. The Hardest Walk is a conversation about the pitfalls of love and falling out of love. What is love if not but a fleeting sense of emotion?

The Hardest Walk. /

  1. The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Hardest Walk
  2. The Radio Dept. - Why Won’t You Talk About It?
  3. The Cardigans - Linger
  4. Dreamcar - Born to Lie
  5. The Supremes - You Keep Me Hangin’ On
  6. Bright Eyes - Falling Out Of Love At This Volume
  7. My Bloody Valentine - When You Sleep
  8. Rilo Kiley - Bulletproof
  9. The Big Pink - Velvet
  10. Black Sabbath - Changes
  11. Judas Priest - (Take These) Chains
  12. Drab Majesty - Not Just a Name
  13. Black Tambourine - For Ex-Lovers Only
  14. Dio - Rainbow in the Dark
  15. ABBA - Knowing Me, Knowing You
  16. Prince - When Doves Cry
  17. Fleetwood Mac - Landslide
  18. The Beatles - I'm Looking Through You
  19. Belle & Sebastian - The Same Star
  20. Tegan & Sara - Fix You Up
  21. Tame Impala - Yes I'm Changing

For those  of you who haven’t been following along for the years I’ve done this playlist valentine game, I try to always make my playlists have stories or be conversations between lovers. In Lovefool. we discuss the way love can oftentimes be desperate or leave you in a sense of desperation because sometimes the feelings are just.too.much. Why do people like to play games? Why do you fall so deeply? Where do those dang butterflies even come from?  Are you in love with love? All I know for sure is that love is messy. Love is breathtaking. Love is complicated. Love is extraordinary. Love is foolish. Love is everything—sometimes we feel it in every fiber of our being and other times it’s just fun for a while because we’re just passengers in this thing called life. Whatever it is for you, don’t let heartache get the best of you—because ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Lovefool. /

  1. The Cardigans -  Lovefool
  2. The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Two Of Us
  3. Shiro Schwarz - Together
  4. Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie - Feel About You
  5. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - When I Dance With You
  6. Midnight Magic - Drop Me a Line
  7. Jens Lekman - How We Met, The Long Version
  8. Prince - Kiss
  9. Moniquea - When You Are Away
  10. Slowdive - Slomo
  11. The Flirts - Passion
  12. Psychic Mirrors - Shock Treatment
  13. The Rah Band - Messages from the Stars
  14. The S.O.S Band - Weekend Girl
  15. Melody's Echo Chamber - I Follow You
  16. Rainbow Arabia - Plena
  17. Sisters of Mercy - No Time To Cry


TUNEAGE: 10th Annual Valentine's Day Playlist (fade into you // i don't mind if you forget me)

well, well, well. here we are again friends. ten years. wow. thank you for coming along this journey. to this day i still can't believe people look forward to these playlists. thank you for caring about music as much as i do. 

this year, you are in for a dual disc treat. lol. i had all these plans for this playlist--to actually burn cds (who does that anymore? is it just me?), make sleeves, and mail them out to my pals. buuuuuuut, life happens. i've been extremely busy at work and i just totally ran out of time. 

anyway, i made TWO playlists this time, because there's more than one side to love. it's crazy and messy and amazing and just incomprehensible. Fade Into You is a compilation of all of my ultimate favorite love songs--if i forgot some...there's always next year. As for I Don't Mind if You Forget Me--it's a story; the heartbreak, disillusionment, but also the sigh of relief when you finally allow yourself to move on. it's a playlist full of a range of emotions.

29 songs each playlist, for my 29th year of life. ;)

  1. Fade Into You // Mazzy Star
  2. Everywhere // Fleetwood Mac
  3. Be My Baby // The Ronettes
  4. Summer Holiday // Wild Nothing
  5. Everlong (acoustic) // Foo Fighters
  6. Everything with You // The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  7. Just One Look // Doris Troy
  8. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) // Talking Heads
  9. Breather // Chapterhouse
  10. Don't Worry Baby // The Beach Boys
  11. You Can Have it All // Yo La Tengo
  12. Lips Like Sugar // Echo & the Bunnymen
  13. Mambo Sun // T. Rex
  14. Little Bit //  Lykke Li
  15. Lovecats // The Cure
  16. I Got You Babe // Sonny & Cher
  17. No One Like You // Scorpions
  18. Islands // The XX
  19. What I'm Trying to Say // Stars
  20. Young Folks // Peter Bjorn & John
  21. Stellar // Incubus
  22. Heartbeats //  The Knife
  23. Take Me With U // Prince
  24. Between Planets // The Jesus & Mary Chain
  25. Somebody to Love // Jefferson Airplane
  26. Caught in a Whirl //  Jeremy Jay
  27. In My Life // The Beatles
  28. Just What I Needed // The Cars
  29. Sea of Love // Cat Power


  1. Kiss And Make Up // Saint Etienne
  2. Happy When It Rains // The Jesus & Mary Chain
  3. Mama Said // The Shirelles
  4. 1234 //  Feist
  5. Let's Call It Off // Peter Bjorn & John
  6. You Keep Me Hangin' On //  The Supremes
  7. Bizarre Love Triangle // New Order
  8. S.O.S //  ABBA
  9. Slow // Twin Shadow
  10. Lady Daydream // Mr Twin Sister
  11. Losin' It //  Underground Lovers
  12. Life Effect // Stars
  13. Out in the Way // Beach Fossils feat. Wild Nothing
  14. 40 Days // Slowdive
  15. Love Comes Close // Cold Cave
  16. French Navy // Camera Obscura
  17. If You Can't Give Me Love // Suzi Quatro
  18. Breakin' Up // Rilo Kiley
  19. I Wanted You To Feel The Same // The Radio Dept. 
  20. Death II //  Pulp
  21. Diamonds & Rust // Judas Priest
  22. Look at Me Now //  The Elected
  23. Dominos // The Big Pink
  24. Cease2xsist // Ladytron
  25. Soul Love // David Bowie
  26. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone // Paul Rever & The Raiders
  27. Go Your Own Way // Fleetwood Mac
  28. I Could Be Happy // Altered Images
  29. I Don't Mind If You Forget Me // Morrissey

as usual, an 8tracks will be set up (this weekend though because i'm out of time now), and a download when i figure out how to do that again lol. if you'd like a physical copy mailed out to you, please reach out to me via DM on instagram. it's really my only form of contact these days.

enjoy this day of love and friendship. don't forget the friendship.



TUNEAGE: LET'S GET CLOSER (9th Annual Valentine's Day Playlist)

Here it is! The 9th Annual Valentine's Day Playlist!! YAY! i'm not going to lie, this almost didn't happen--mostly because i was feeling a little unmotivated and because my internet is literally a piece of shit. Guess who's going to yell at time warner on Tuesday? Yea.

This year's theme is all about the dance moves--i'm sorry (not sorry) but mostly all of what i listened to last year and the beginning of this year has been nothing but dance and funk tracks--disco here, italo-disco there, nu-disco everywhere. There is nothing wrong with disco! My personal life motto is I DISCO IN THE MORNING AND I ROCK N ROLL AT NIGHT. Give it a try, i bet you won't be disappointed. Oh and don't worry, i threw in a few familiar newbies for ya ;)

I preferably would like you guys to listen to this on 8tracks as there are two songs that are not on Spotify which i feel really complete and add to the playlist. However, if you're on the go, or at work, feel free to listen to the spotify version--it's still good!

Tracklist:  LET'S GET CLOSER

  1. I Feel Love // Donna Summer
  2. Catch Me Tiger // Arabesque (only avail on 8tracks)
  3. Come On Closer // Pineapples (only avail on 8tracks)
  4. I Want Your Love // Chromatics
  5. Strawberry Letter 23 // The Brothers Johnson
  6. Voulez-Vous // ABBA
  7. We Are Explorers // Cut Copy
  8. Feeling Without Touching // Glass Candy
  9. I Need Somebody To Love Tonight // Sylvester
  10. Falling // Welcome Back Sailors
  11. The Greatest // KING
  12. Ring My Bell // Anita Ward
  13. Hands All Over Me // Tamaryn
  14. Rock Your Baby // George McCrae
  15. Desert Rose (War Prayer) // INC.
  16. Lost Souls/Eelings // Trust
  17. Blue Honey // Pop Levi
  18. How Deep Is Your Love // Bee Gees
  19. Share The Night // The Clientele
  20. The Moment // Tame Impala

i'm out. until next year. lol.



TUNEAGE: SONGS FOR PAST LOVES (8th Annual Valentine's Day Playlist)

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! I know i have taken what you may call an online sabbatical, but you really didn’t think i was going to miss out on my annual playlist did you?

This year’s playlist almost didn’t happen. I didn’t have a theme and time was running out until i had a very enlightening conversation last night that led me to this theme about Past Loves. It doesn’t matter if we no longer speak to these people, or if we even hate them, or whatever, it’s all about the fact that they were there and what you felt for them happened. Because no matter what, these people, these experiences have helped shape who we are today whether we like it or not. I have learned over the years to no longer hold any rancor for anyone whom i believed to have had a great romantic impact on my life because at that moment in time, i truly did love them. I learned at least one thing from each and every boy i ever fell in love with, even if with some, it was more of an unrequited love. Each track can be equated to a certain boy—sometimes two tracks! Every time i hear that particular song, it always ties back to a memory of that person. Why should we be slaves to our past and let it have a negative connotation? If it weren’t for a lot of the heartbreak or sorrow i have experienced i would not be the person i am today. Everything is an experience we can learn from, whether good or bad. This playlist is dedicated to the boys of my past, as a thanks for being part of my life. 

I encourage YOU now, to embrace your past, your great loves, including your “mistakes”, and take a moment to think about how they have shaped who you are today. Make a playlist following the same rules and share them with me! Only rules are, the songs have to be in chronological order (last track is where you are now), the song has to always remind you of this person—don’t choose a song that you think is fitting, it just has to be a song that your brain equates with a certain person, and even if you hate that certain song….it must be used. It’s part of the history after all!

Have a fabulous day my loves. 

Tracklist & Spotify playlist linked below. I might do an upload and 8tracks if there’s enough interest. 

8th Annual Valentine’s Day Playlist: 

Songs for Past Loves
  1. Hands Down // Dashboard Confessional
  2. Everlong (acoustic version) // Foo Fighters
  3. Shooting Stars // Ozma
  4. Rest of My Life // Rilo Kiley
  5. Nothing Better // The Postal Service
  6. I Want You to Want Me // Cheap Trick
  7. Uber Legitimate // Mates of State
  8. A Man Like Me // Beulah
  9. Life Effect // Stars
  10. If She Wants Me // Belle & Sebastian
  11. Broken Social Scene // Swimmers
  12. With Arms Outstretched // Rilo Kiley
  13. Digital Love // Daft Punk
  14. Far Away // Cut Copy
  15. Let’s Call It Off // Peter Bjorn & John
  16. My Delirium // Ladyhawke
  17. After All // Sonder Lerche
  18. French Navy // Camera Obscura
  19. Come Saturday // The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  20. (Please) Don’t Break Me // Catwalk
  21. Temptation // New Order


22. Our Deal // Best Coast
23. Over My Head // Fleetwood Mac
24. Magic Man // Heart


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short hair - don't care

oh hi so this happened. if you're not up to date on the instagram haps, i cut off my long hair. it just needed to happen. it's getting too hot and long hair is just unmanageable. so last weekend i just decided snip snip was the solution. And honestly, so far, it has been. it's only been hard because i am dying to do cool beach waves but my straight ass asian hair won't have any of it. it just plain refuses to hold a curl! i've tried two sea salt sprays and hair spray (at the same time) and both a flat iron and a curling iron and just nothing. it doesn't help that my bathroom is a sauna so by the time i'm done styling my hair i've sweat the entire style out. if you have any tips for someone with straight asian hair on how to keep a curl, you let a sistah know.

so now to address my absence... i just don't really know what to say. i've had photos piling up for outfit posts, even a few book reviews but honestly, i just havent felt like updating. this whole time i barely even turned on my computer. i spent most of my online time either checking out instagram, lurking facebook updates, and checking my email. that's it. i haven't read a single blog. (sorry friends!). i've just been so ridiculously tired. i was working a full time schedule and it was just draining me. i think soon i'll have more time to relax and catch up on blogs when i go back to a part time schedule. if the train had wifi, i'd be golden with catchin up on blogs. lol jk. in the mornings i like to just close my eyes and listen to music in peace. 

anyway, i hope you've all been well during my absence. i still have photos from longer haired days, so i'll probably run those through since my pal Eileen, who took my photos at work got a cool job elsewhere. i missssss herrrrrr. 

also, sorry for the crappy insta photo. i haven't made use of my camera in a long time. shame on me.

dress: via threadsence (sold out but you can find it at swell too!)