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well it was a good month of updating!

however, i am permanently making a move to livejournal.
Let me explain:
I was getting tired of having to keep a personal journal (lj) and a blogspot for music/cinema/literature/random things so I decided to just merge the two. I can control LJ better and am far more familiar with it anyhow. Also, I like to post my monthly playlists and tracks and after recently reading an article on L.A. Weekly on how Google is deleting posts with tracks without even telling the author, I feel like Blogspot is kind of useless to me. And besides, this is better for me, because the upkeep of two blogs is hard work!

so if you want to still check up on what's happening in my little world and/or want new tracks to spin come on over:

Somewhere Between Waking & Sleeping


Polaroid Film is Not Dead...it just smells awful

So good news to my fellow instant photography lovers!!!! Polaroid is not dead!!! it's just going to carry a new name!!! i dont see a problem here really...as long as i get my instant photo cravings taken care of im good to go! i was keeping tabs on The Impossible Project for a short while and as soon as they mentioned they were working with the Polaroid company to get the rights to the factory and all that legal mumbo jumbo i stopped keeping tabs because i just knew it was going to happen...and it did. im so damn excited. its not over! its not over! yayyy. now we can all rejoice. because ive got two packs of 600 film left and ive been such a cheap ass with using it. its actually expired too. but i dont care im making those babies last!

but anyway i hope you are all as excited as i am about this.

read about this on the wallpaper* website
or directly from the source.

ill be back later to notify you of the great night out i had with Stephen Malkmus.

You Told Me All Kinds of Insanities

of Montreal

On Thursday i skipped out on Pizookie Thursday @ BJ's with the costume gals and my friend Darren and i went to see OF MONTREAL at the glasshouse. it was a really amazing show although i did have the most bizarre twilight zone experience that i really need not go into further detail. all you need to know is that the show was amazing even though we missed part of the set. haha well im pretty sure we missed some of it because it seemed like such a short set and we did walk in like mid-song. we were having some beers in super hipster bar next door.

i'm a little sad that the show was at the glasshouse because that place is so small that it doesnt really allow for of montreal's usual theatrics which im sure i would thoroughly enjoy...but for it being my first of montreal encounter i was definitely pleased. i danced it out and it was so much. i did notice that Kevin Barnes looked really tired or he was just not really into it. and from what i have read in other blogs it seems to be the general consensus. i did find it incredibly hilarious that throughout the whole performance Kevin Barnes had gum in his mouth. lol. even from where i was standing i could tell. i kept hoping to god he wouldnt choke or something. Kevin, that's dangerous. shame on you.

they also played Requiem for O.m.m.2 which added to my twilight zone moment.
of montreal, i do not like dramatic irony.

p.s. i borrowed the photo from **Owen of flickr
if you get a chance head on over to look at his of montreal set because i didnt have my camera with me.



Save Rihanna! 'Cause Domestic Violence Is NOT Cute

i had a dream tuesday night where i made a playlist called:

"Save Rihanna! 'Cause Domestic Violence is NOT Cute"

LOL. i only remembered four tracks of that list so i decided to try and recreate it after monica's suggestion. i have the weirdest dreams sometimes seriously.

so youll find the tracklist below including the tracks.
(where do i find the time for this stuff?)
also, i hope you realize that its more like a story of a playlist...theres a beginning middle and end. god how i love playlists. i hope you enjoy it. save rihanna! lol. make me a shirt.

Save Rihanna! 'Cause Domestic Violence is NOT Cute
1. "Rod of Iron" - Relaxed Muscle
2. "One Hit" - The Knife
3. "Broken Records" - Aqueduct
4. "I Treat You Wrong" - The Faint
5. "Limit To Your Love" - Feist
6. "Dear Catastrophe Waitress" - Belle & Sebastian
7. "The Radiator Hums" - Cursive
8. "He Hit Me (and it felt like a kiss)" - Grizzly Bear
9. "Face Down" - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
10. "Fistful of Love (Antony & The Johnsons Cover) - Devendra Banhart
11. "A Little Bit of Abuse - The Kinks
12. "Have You Seen Her Lately?" - Pulp
13. "If Looks Could Kill" - Camera Obscura
14. "Shame for You" - Lily Allen
15. "Woman is the Nigger of the World" - John Lennon
16. "The Darker Days of Me & Him" - PJ Harvey
17. "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" - Jarvis Cocker
18. "Someday You Will Be Loved" - Death Cab For Cutie
19. "Point and Shoot" - Yo La Tengo
20. "Irreplaceable" - Beyoncé

Save Rihanna! ... #1-10
Save Rihanna! ... #11-20

i think i'm a little bit in love with you

so flickr is being stupid and only allows 90 seconds of a video so i gave in and got a youtube account just so i could upload a video from last nights show for my friend monica.

so i figured i would share with you as well
oh and p.s. beware the high schoolers singing in my ear the whole night.
le sigh.

how swede it is

it's so weird coming home from a show this early. but i suppose that's what happens when you go to the glasshouse on a tuesday night.

so Lykke Li was good. it was not an extremely amazing show like the high schoolers behind me claimed, but it was good show. i've definitely had my share of amazing shows but this one was just okay. Lykke Li was fun and energetic and oh so very swedish, but i was definitely blown away by the husband & wife duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums.

they were so goooood. their energy was very contagious and very well received. and just when i thought i couldnt be more impressed, the girl (whose name i dont know and im really too lazy to look up) steps away from the mic and just sings the intro to one of their songs out into the audience without a mic. it was such a beautiful moment i couldnt control myself. seriously, it was so beautiful! haha.

so my new goal in life is to move to sweden and find myself a gorgeous drummer to marry me so we can have a sweet band.

but yeah, check them out, you might like them.
esp. those of you who like Feist & experimental stuff:

A Valetine For YOU

Because ACTF (the american college theater festival) took up all of my precious time this week i didn't have time to make the super cool valentines i have been wanting to make since uhm, forever. so because i did want to give some folks SOMETHING at least i made a playlist, named after a Daft Punk song, that i would like to share with you all. enjoy it! it's all about love love love. even if you're bitter and sad because you won't have a valentine this year (then we're in the same boat) you can still enjoy this playlist and think of the good times to come! enjoy!

Much Love,


Digital Love: Valentine's Mix 2009

1. "Time Stands Still" - Cut Copy
2. "Digital Love" - Daft Punk
3. "Little Bit" - Lykke Li
4. "Love You Straight" - Pop Levi
5. "You Make Lovin' Fun" - Fleetwood Mac
6. "Parentheses" - The Blow
7. "Cupid" - The Brunettes
8. "Heartbeats" - The Knife
9. "Behind the Frontlines" - Johnathan Rice
10. "Into Eternity" - Jens Lekman
11. "1963" - Rachael Yamagata
12. "Number 1" - Goldfrapp
13. "First Day of My Life" - Bright Eyes
14. "Back of the Van" - Ladyhawke
15. "The Magic Position" - Patrick Wolf
16. "I Was Made For You" - She & Him
17. "Heartbeat" - Annie
18. "Take My Heart" - Soko
19. "This Boy's In Love" - The Presets
20. "Somewhere Across Forever" - Stellastarr*
21. "If You Find Yourself Caught In Love" - Belle & Sebastian

download here:
Digital Love 1-10
Digital Love 11-21
sorry had to do a two parter, mediafire was being stupid.

My Legendary GirlfriendBoyfriend

so lately all thats been on my mind has been jarvis. jarvis. jarvis. all day. all the time. its a bit unhealthy. haha.

ive been searching everywhere for Pulp's Different Class LP...the original 1995 one not the 2000 reissue. i want the 6 cards that come with it. haha. i nearly paid 80 dollars for it but i was outbid. good too i suppose because im certainly beyond broke. im also on the hunt for relaxed muscle's album. i need to make an amoeba trip and stat. as much as i love pulp and usually am a purist with first bands and really not into side projects...i really do like relaxed muscle. i love jarvis' alter ego, darren spooner. i simply cannot believe people didnt know it was him. the elbow jab totally gives it away if his voice solely doesnt.

i really shouldnt be up right now but i havent written in here in forever.
enjoy the photo, its the new background on my iphone. haha replacing another jarvis photo. haha. oh my.