ohhh man. i love pre-orders. they're the best thing ever. i just received Ladytron's Velocifero and let me tell you after having heard it on myspace and after hearing some of the new songs last night at their show at the Henry Fonda Theatre i must say i love their album 100 times more. the packaging is amazing. they have a great sleeve design and the little Ghosts LP is so rad.

Ladytron might be a little monotone during a show, like as people, but they rock out. And that's all that matters when all you wanna do is dance your little heart out.

i should just move into the henry fonda theatre.
it becomes a little weird when the guy that checks your purse and the guy that scans your ticket both know you already. AWKWARD! haha.

and let me add that i love whatever the girls wear at their shows. Marnie & Mira have the best fashion sense ever. you should've heard debbie and i talking about their outfits after the could tell that we're costume designers.


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