TUNEAGE: SONGS FOR PAST LOVES (8th Annual Valentine's Day Playlist)

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! I know i have taken what you may call an online sabbatical, but you really didn’t think i was going to miss out on my annual playlist did you?

This year’s playlist almost didn’t happen. I didn’t have a theme and time was running out until i had a very enlightening conversation last night that led me to this theme about Past Loves. It doesn’t matter if we no longer speak to these people, or if we even hate them, or whatever, it’s all about the fact that they were there and what you felt for them happened. Because no matter what, these people, these experiences have helped shape who we are today whether we like it or not. I have learned over the years to no longer hold any rancor for anyone whom i believed to have had a great romantic impact on my life because at that moment in time, i truly did love them. I learned at least one thing from each and every boy i ever fell in love with, even if with some, it was more of an unrequited love. Each track can be equated to a certain boy—sometimes two tracks! Every time i hear that particular song, it always ties back to a memory of that person. Why should we be slaves to our past and let it have a negative connotation? If it weren’t for a lot of the heartbreak or sorrow i have experienced i would not be the person i am today. Everything is an experience we can learn from, whether good or bad. This playlist is dedicated to the boys of my past, as a thanks for being part of my life. 

I encourage YOU now, to embrace your past, your great loves, including your “mistakes”, and take a moment to think about how they have shaped who you are today. Make a playlist following the same rules and share them with me! Only rules are, the songs have to be in chronological order (last track is where you are now), the song has to always remind you of this person—don’t choose a song that you think is fitting, it just has to be a song that your brain equates with a certain person, and even if you hate that certain song….it must be used. It’s part of the history after all!

Have a fabulous day my loves. 

Tracklist & Spotify playlist linked below. I might do an upload and 8tracks if there’s enough interest. 

8th Annual Valentine’s Day Playlist: 

Songs for Past Loves
  1. Hands Down // Dashboard Confessional
  2. Everlong (acoustic version) // Foo Fighters
  3. Shooting Stars // Ozma
  4. Rest of My Life // Rilo Kiley
  5. Nothing Better // The Postal Service
  6. I Want You to Want Me // Cheap Trick
  7. Uber Legitimate // Mates of State
  8. A Man Like Me // Beulah
  9. Life Effect // Stars
  10. If She Wants Me // Belle & Sebastian
  11. Broken Social Scene // Swimmers
  12. With Arms Outstretched // Rilo Kiley
  13. Digital Love // Daft Punk
  14. Far Away // Cut Copy
  15. Let’s Call It Off // Peter Bjorn & John
  16. My Delirium // Ladyhawke
  17. After All // Sonder Lerche
  18. French Navy // Camera Obscura
  19. Come Saturday // The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  20. (Please) Don’t Break Me // Catwalk
  21. Temptation // New Order


22. Our Deal // Best Coast
23. Over My Head // Fleetwood Mac
24. Magic Man // Heart


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