Ah, another year, another playlist—or two. ;)
Love is multifaceted—never is it one dimensional, which is why I’ve probably gotten in the habit of making two lists now. Enjoy, my loves.

11th annual Valentine’s day playlist(s):

It takes guts to let go. Sometimes familiarity is easier to face than the unknown and sometimes a standstill doesn’t cut it anymore. What do you do? How do you work through countless emotions that blur your consciousness? Sometimes you just have to step back and accept that people change, things change. The Hardest Walk is a conversation about the pitfalls of love and falling out of love. What is love if not but a fleeting sense of emotion?

The Hardest Walk. /

  1. The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Hardest Walk
  2. The Radio Dept. - Why Won’t You Talk About It?
  3. The Cardigans - Linger
  4. Dreamcar - Born to Lie
  5. The Supremes - You Keep Me Hangin’ On
  6. Bright Eyes - Falling Out Of Love At This Volume
  7. My Bloody Valentine - When You Sleep
  8. Rilo Kiley - Bulletproof
  9. The Big Pink - Velvet
  10. Black Sabbath - Changes
  11. Judas Priest - (Take These) Chains
  12. Drab Majesty - Not Just a Name
  13. Black Tambourine - For Ex-Lovers Only
  14. Dio - Rainbow in the Dark
  15. ABBA - Knowing Me, Knowing You
  16. Prince - When Doves Cry
  17. Fleetwood Mac - Landslide
  18. The Beatles - I'm Looking Through You
  19. Belle & Sebastian - The Same Star
  20. Tegan & Sara - Fix You Up
  21. Tame Impala - Yes I'm Changing

For those  of you who haven’t been following along for the years I’ve done this playlist valentine game, I try to always make my playlists have stories or be conversations between lovers. In Lovefool. we discuss the way love can oftentimes be desperate or leave you in a sense of desperation because sometimes the feelings are just.too.much. Why do people like to play games? Why do you fall so deeply? Where do those dang butterflies even come from?  Are you in love with love? All I know for sure is that love is messy. Love is breathtaking. Love is complicated. Love is extraordinary. Love is foolish. Love is everything—sometimes we feel it in every fiber of our being and other times it’s just fun for a while because we’re just passengers in this thing called life. Whatever it is for you, don’t let heartache get the best of you—because ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Lovefool. /

  1. The Cardigans -  Lovefool
  2. The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Two Of Us
  3. Shiro Schwarz - Together
  4. Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie - Feel About You
  5. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - When I Dance With You
  6. Midnight Magic - Drop Me a Line
  7. Jens Lekman - How We Met, The Long Version
  8. Prince - Kiss
  9. Moniquea - When You Are Away
  10. Slowdive - Slomo
  11. The Flirts - Passion
  12. Psychic Mirrors - Shock Treatment
  13. The Rah Band - Messages from the Stars
  14. The S.O.S Band - Weekend Girl
  15. Melody's Echo Chamber - I Follow You
  16. Rainbow Arabia - Plena
  17. Sisters of Mercy - No Time To Cry



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