Blast From The Past: Call Of The Ghost Tiger

all right. i'm going to be honest about it...i LOVE Tiger Army. so sue me.

the other day i was unpacking some of my cds and organizing them and i found an empty case of "Power of Moonlite" by Tiger Army. that used to be one of my ultimate favorite albums when i was around 14 or 15. i don't really remember but damn i remember how much i loved that album. so i was really bummed that the case was empty and so i downloaded the album online. and i have not been able to stop listening to it. seriously my account says ive listened to them 312 times this past week. eek! haha. Annabel Lee has got to be one of my favorite songs ever. Nick13's voice is so haunting but yet it works. okay so you don't believe me, if you've never heard Tiger Army, give it a try, perhaps you might or might not like it but at least you'll know what i'm talking about:

Tiger Army - Annabel Lee


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