ein hund

am i writing in two days in a row!? don't get used to it! haha. jasssss keeeedin. yesterday was cool, Jenn, Ein & i went to the chili cook-off in tustin but......we left. lol. it was not as cool as we had anticipated, although everything sure did smell amazing! i mean, i don't really know exactly w h a t  we were expecting. the booth to buy the chili tickets was ridiculously hard to find, people were hanging out in the center of the walkway making it difficult to get by and did i mention there were lots of people? i dont regret leaving at all. but i do wish i had eaten a pulled pork sandwich they were selling because damn did it look good!

anyway, we left after ten minutes and then went to get brunch at my fave local place. i promised little Ein a sprinkles cupcake, but we got side tracked by the bunny park. we had a lot of fun running and terrorizing little children. you guys, i've been bitten by the doggy bug, i really really really R E A L L Y  want a doggie. T____T. D wants to get a cardigan corgi, but they're so hard to find. all the ones we have found are all in faraway states and we both feel kind of weird about getting a doggy shipped to us. it just doesn't seem right. annnnnd i really want to adopt a doggy, but D wants a cardigan corgi puppy. i have a feeling once he gets his puppy i'll have the green light to adopt a dog. besides two doggies are better than one! :)

okay back to my monday schedule....of saturday dreamin' ;).

this should be our next easter photo hehe

love that little Ein-bear!

hat: free people | shorts: free people via macys | top: urban outfitters | boots: modern vice via threadsence | jewelry: vintage, vanessa mooney & brooke hill jewelry


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