Burger grrrl lives!

oh, haaaaaaaaiiiii. happy june! :) haha sorry for the absence again, i definitely lost track of time in the crazy that was the last two weeks. i had an awesome memorial day weekend that was basically a five day weekend! i'm not even kidding. i probably should have taken advantage of that and gone somewhere, but i'm boring and i had a ridiculously good time doing absolutely nothing. i did a quick update on sunday but that was about all the internet-ing i did so i definitely have a lot of blog reading left to do!

although i didnt go anywhere for my break, i did get a lot of cleaning done! my cleaning project right now is to go through all the piles and piles of magazines and sort through them. i'm only keeping the magazines that cost me $12+ and all the generic vogues, details, gq's, travel and leisture, etc. im setting aside for recycling. but first i'm going through them and taking out all the interesting pages. for example, i'm taking out all the work out pages and recipes from the women's health magazines i've managed to collect. since i worked at the bookstore i would get a discount on magazines and sometimes magazine subscriptions and i just went crazy signing up for all the things. also, i did cash out true blue miles for magazines since they were about to expire and i wasn't going anywhere. and that's part one of how i became a hoarder.  

now, let's take some time for this outfit. i really enjoy when bloggers post their lazy day outfits because let's be real guys, half the time we're not as cute/cool/well dressed as we make ourselves to be. i make it a point to never dress for the blog, but rather dress for my moods. and odds are if i'm wearing a cute outfit, i probably took photos at work. i can't necessarily show up looking like a slob (although i seriously don't think anyone would mind!). so if i can grab someone who has time to spare, i'll have them snap some shots. the point i'm trying to make is that even though sometimes we portray ourselves on the internet as these really cool people who can dress well, some times we just spend our days in pants and tees. it can't just be me right? and that just makes me feel better about bloggers, like hey you're actually human, cool! i think i like you more now ;). ya feel?

anyway, this is definitely a lazy day outfit. and let's be real, that's what weekends were made for right? Pants, a comfy tee, boots and light jacket. i'm all about it. 

this tee was on my wishlist foreverrrrrrr! i just couldn't give in to paying for shipping for just a shirt so it just sat in my wishlist. but then i got lucky and won a gc to UrbanOG on instagram and finally got this shirt! yay! even better when it's free ^___^. it's ridiculously soft too! a perfect burger shirt for burger girl! i ALMOST wore it with my burger necklace but D said it was overkill lol.

brown and black together? idgaf.

also, i think it's time we discuss these modern vice boots. my newest addition (and should be my final for at least a few months) to my shoe collection! they are freaking beautiful. they made a huge dent in my wallet...but i just couldnt say no. Threadsence had a killer memorial day weekend sale and i got these babies for 40 percent off! still a high number but let's be real, that's the cheapest i will ever see these babies go for. thus, financial irresponsibility brain went on. sigh. i almost was going to return them because they were just a little too pointy toed for my taste, but after sitting on it for a few days i decided they were too rock and roll to not keep them. 

all right. i hope ya'll have a cool week! i'm not going to promise any updates, since i always break those promises because i suck. haha. until next time!

tee: urbanog | pants: santee alley | boots: modern vice via threadsence | purse: kate spade saturday (more on this puppy in an upcoming post!)


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