My Legendary GirlfriendBoyfriend

so lately all thats been on my mind has been jarvis. jarvis. jarvis. all day. all the time. its a bit unhealthy. haha.

ive been searching everywhere for Pulp's Different Class LP...the original 1995 one not the 2000 reissue. i want the 6 cards that come with it. haha. i nearly paid 80 dollars for it but i was outbid. good too i suppose because im certainly beyond broke. im also on the hunt for relaxed muscle's album. i need to make an amoeba trip and stat. as much as i love pulp and usually am a purist with first bands and really not into side projects...i really do like relaxed muscle. i love jarvis' alter ego, darren spooner. i simply cannot believe people didnt know it was him. the elbow jab totally gives it away if his voice solely doesnt.

i really shouldnt be up right now but i havent written in here in forever.
enjoy the photo, its the new background on my iphone. haha replacing another jarvis photo. haha. oh my.


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