Lookin' Back: September in Review

all photos from my instagram: @atthisvolume

Hello friends, I’m back from the dead! Well, I’m not making any promises about a casual return back here because I gotta tell ya, life is happening to me. I find it really hard to keep up with this here blog, so you guys who blog with consistency are my heroes! And I promise that I do read your blogs I just don’t have the time to comment. That’s pretty much what my bus ride to and from work consists off—catching up on blogs on the Bloglovin’ app. Haha. I was going to give you a detailed recap of what’s been going on but I think I’ll combine that as a September In Review post okay? Ok.  It’s just easier on all of us ;)

  • went bowling with D for the first time in FOREVER. okay so it was actually my second time going bowling EVER. so it still counts. i'm still awful! My aunt was a pro at bowling so i remember growing up and going to her bowling matches and such but i never took any interest. now that i'm an adult i'm totally into it though! i wish she was still around to teach me all her tricks. i think we decided that we want to make bowling more of a thing since we live so close so we might just invest in our bowling shoes because that rental fee adds up! hehe

  • saw this ART sticker on a door on my way to trivia. i'm too into trivia so i never really have my phone out (because duh i dont want to get accused of cheating), i hardly ever document trivia days. i feel bad right now i havent been to the last two trivias and i'm missing my friends already! anyway, i seem to have trailed off, this was basically a reminder that art is everywhere you look you just have to look closely sometimes.

  • this isn't really a specific recap from the month but does this happen to you when you are going out with your partner and then you realize you guys match or are wearing similar color schemes? it drives me crazy sometimes so much that if D and i end up wearing something similar i either change or make him change, depending on who wore it first. haha. sometimes though, neither one of us wins that battle and we end up looking like it's twin day.

  • Philip had a bday rager one of the September weekends and it was great time because it was all trivia buddies getting together outside of trivia. I even re-did my hair as you can tell. The night got really crazy and dramatic towards the end though. It was honestly one of the biggest headaches ever so i'm just going to ignore it and move on. oh but during the time i was having fun, someone showed up with Grumpy Cat cake pops for Phil, they were really cute!

  • this is a ridiculously fun way to repurpose these blocks don't you think!? the people at Ruche Inc. are obsessed with succulents and i think i am too now! while my internship ended beginning of September, towards the end of September i started at the warehouse as an order fulfillment associate for a few days a week. it's not glamorous work, like styling, but it's not half bad either. it gives me something to do and i enjoy it! i get to be on my own most of the time so it's really cool. only bad thing about it is that some days depending on when i'm scheduled, if i dont have the car, i have to take the bus at 6:00am! SIX. like. i've never been a morning person so this has been particularly straining on me. but it is really easy to get to by bus, it just takes two hours (for a drive that's usually 22 minutes!!!). but whatever, i'm grateful to even have a job.

  • on one of the weekends Debbie and i went to the Lululemon warehouse sale at the convention center and it was R I D I C U L O U S. we waited in line for FIVE hours. but we did score on major things. it was my first warehouse sale experience and it was pretty exciting not gonna lie. i'm not that into Lululemon, because hello that price tag is ridiculous, but at a major discounted price how could i resist? We went back the second day because we didnt really have anything to do and wanted to see what was left and how much more discounted the garments were, and i'm so glad we went! we scored even more on the second day. well, i didn't really buy anything for me, but D is the one who totally scored! he didnt have any workout clothes so i decided to be a nice girlfriend and get him some! we're totally prepared for hikes now!

  • last weekend of September my childhood friend Angie got married and became Mrs. Catano! I'm really proud of her for hyphenating her name though, hahaha. She had a Mexican style wedding and it was awesome. It was held at a mission! talk about staying on theme. haha. I played photographer that day and while it was stressful work, i'm really glad i did it, and am glad that Angie put enough trust in me to let me do pictures however i wanted. i wish her happiness and all the best in her marriage!

  • and while we're on that topic, i have a ridiculous amount of photos to still edit so i most likely will be absent from the blog a lot. life is happening, photo editing, making dinner, and being tired are all things that contribute to my absence, so again, sorry, but i'm taking care of life!

  • lastly, this past month i've spent less time online, giving me more time to explore real world and see the beauty of the details. it's weird, i know, because i spend a lot of time on the internet, lurking blogs, on facebook, job hunting, but taking a walk across the street to get cucumber lemonades is enough to freshen up my soul and make me feel good. i suppose vitamin D IS actually good for you. haha. 

well friends, thanks for tuning in! add me on instagram if you'd like! it's more up to date with the daily haps! let's keep in touch!!


  1. It's been forever since I've had a chance to comment, so it's great to be able to catch up! It's so nice to see how happy you seem; those grumpy cat cake pop are AMAZING. And I absolutely know what you mean about taking a break from the Internet and just living life for a while. It's kind of hard to find that balance nowadays, isn't it?

  2. We have been out for three days and it is crazy to see how many things we have lost online while we were having a life happening :) we are now trying to catch with everything! :) Great that you are back with posts! LOL about wearing the same clothes I can relate, I usually win that battle (ehem...;P). The cake pops are so cool! And how great about photographing your friend's wedding, hope you can share some of the pics!