print on print

hello there friends. today is actually a cool and overcast day. and it's kind of chilly! yaaaaay. tights season is upon us! so i should probably go ahead and get a move on and update all my outfits from the last few sunny days we've had. haha. 

let's see things that have been going on...we signed the lease for our apt for another year so i've already gotten into remodel mode. i've got lots of ideas to give this little nook of ours a little revamp. also i want to get back to sewing so i want to create myself a nice work space. ive been going crazy on the pinterest this week looking for organization and design ideas. so if you seen any good ideas holla at me! 

now, let's get to this outfit. um i love this skirt. there i said it. when i first started at threadsence it was a new arrival and it sold out in a few days. so when i actually had some money for it it was gone!!!! sad sad sad. but don't worry because i lurked every corner of the internet until i found it, and i found it over at urbanog!  (and it's now on sale!). this skirt has two slits and it has a mini skirt lining inside but the best part of it? the print makes wrinkles very forgiving. nothing bothers me more than wrinkled clothing, but let's be real, most of us sit and move and do things all day so there's no possible way of not ending up with wrinkled clothing, so when it can be hidden it's always a major plus.

skirturbanogtop: urban outfitters, plaid top: thrifted, bootsurbanogbracelets: vanessa mooney via threadsence  & amrita singh, sunglassesrayban via macys, necklace: erica weiner, rings: thrifted & erica weinerlip colortarte matte lip tint in lively

 i know, i know, this outfit got a little crazy with the addition of that plaid shirt. but i'm trying to step out of my comfort zone and trying more print on print combinations. My bestie Marc will be very proud! He's the king of print on print. 

when i wrapped up my internship i bought myself this vanessa mooney cuff as a present for doing so well and surviving a summer internship. it's a copper band so it stains my skin green but it's totally cute so i find it totally worth it. hehe.
and last but not least these shoes are totally rad!! they are really well made and they look expensive even though they were actually very inexpensive! i'm on a budget yo! haha anyway i love these because when i wore them to my sisters house a few days back, my youngest niece who is 4, found a moment to tell me that she really liked my boots and that she wanted a pair lol. she's seriously the cutest kid ever. also, the side buckles make this click-clack noise when i walk, and i actually like that! it makes me feel like im wearing spurs hahaha.


  1. This is so rad! I love this mix in prints and those boots are killer! I've been looking for some brown ankle boots forever since I just don't have any. Those are so edgy with the spikes (no pun intended haha). I dig it! :D

    - Anna

    1. thanks anna! these boots are on sale right now!! & i totally laughed out loud even though your pun was not intended haha.

  2. You are so cute! I love your hair!

  3. I love this skirt! This style reminds me of 90s grunge and I am obsessed

  4. Love that skirt! Gorgeous. And your comment today saying I'm a Threadsence girl just made my month! I would love to work with them sometime in the future as they're such a great company and I love their clothes!