It’s 2014! Hooray! Maybe I’ll actually post often! Okay I’m not going to promise anything. I gotta say, I’m so freakin excited that 2013 is now OVER!!!! Yes, four exclamation marks because that’s just how done I am with last year. It was a really tough year for me but don’t worry guys, I totally understand that you have to go through bad times to find the good times. So here’s to looking at the positive.

Although 2013 was literally a hot mess for me there was tons of stuff I learned and experienced lots of exciting things. For example:

  • D & I moved in together
  • I learned how to ride public transportation
  • I quit my retail job of 6.5 years and am a million times happier
  • Learned to explore a new city
  • Began to make better eating choices (75% gluten free, yeah!)
  • Successfully finished my first internship
  • Played photographer at my good friend’s wedding
  • Went on lots of hikes with D
  • Finally mastered the art of Pot Roast

And now for 2014, I want to find a job that pays me well so I can buy a new car. Don’t get me wrong, I love public transportation, but some things are just hard when you don’t have a car…like grocery shopping, or seeing your mom whenever you want to. I want to be healthier! We’re already eating mostly paleo but I want to go on more hikes and be outdoors more often, relax and such. I want to rearrange the apartment so it actually feels like we live here. I want to be more organized and I want to work on more crafty projects. I want to cook more often, even though washing dishes is the bane of my existence. I want to spend more time with friends who are willing to put as much effort as I am into the friendship. I want to be more independent and be okay with doing things on my own more often. Something happened to me (I don’t know what) somewhere between college and post college where I sort of lost any desire to do things on my own and find it hard to push myself to do things. But I’ve started with little things, like eating brunch at my favorite local spot, walking to Urban (lol I know, but its so close to me I don’t even have to cross the street) and lurking the sales rack on my own, taking the bus to meet friends, etc.

But seriously, I am super ready for some changes around here. I am learning to accept the universe’s greatness and know it has some really awesome things in store for me this year. So I’ll leave you with this photo I took today on the Surfliner on my way back home from Oceanside. 

Yeah, I took a solo trip for some freelance work i do out there, and it was super relaxing and awesome. I kind of enjoyed doing my monthly insta updates, but I’m not sure if I want to recount old business from last year. If I feel up to it I will!


  1. I'm sure 2014 will be a great year for you! Good luck with keeping up with the blog posts--def one of my major goals this year as well! Let's keep each other motivated! Let me know if you ever need any photo help!

    1. thanks Iman!& likewise, you know i already told you i would take your photos whenever you wanted! :)