In Dreams: Free People January 2014 Catalogue!

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Have you guys ever fallen in love with a dress so much that it hurt? LOL okay, exaggeration aside, how can you not love this FP New Romantics Delphine Dress [1]? I am seriously so in love I want to cry because i just cannot justify this purchase right now. Take a look at this dress, see the back? IT'S PERFECT!!!! I. NEED. IT. I just, i do. SIGH. I also need it in the black. it's just too good. I can't even form full comprehensive sentences i'm so captivated by this dress. I need to sell my soul or something just so i can buy that dress. 

Craziness aside, i'm so stoked about this January catalogue because so many pieces are sooooo good. It was hard narrowing it down to just ten pieces because everything was super awesome. Like this romper [6], what!? It's so freaking awesome--i don't even wear rompers. I know this romper would really look great only on girls with small breasts but damn, if i owned this i would make some alterations to the top part to make it work for my girls, because let me tell you, i don't need them in anyone's face. But this romper is so awesome i would make an exception for it in my wardrobe. 

This New Romantics Pinnacle Mesh top [7] is super perfect for the ever present summer weather we have here in SoCal--I know i would live in this top! 

Overall, SO MUCH GOODNESS for this January's catalogue. Now i'm gonna go and balance my checkbook and figure out how long it's going to take me until i can afford the Delphine Dress. le sigh. 


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