Witch Baby

annnnd i'm finally getting used to having black hair. for a while there i was having a hard time recognizing myself in the mirror! lol.

so this top is hilarious solely based on the fact that its shape is a square. it seriously looks like a tablecloth...but i like it. i like the flowy-ness of it all, especially when i extend out my arms and it looks like i've got bat wings. plus i feel like a total witch baby when i wear it--especially now with the witchy hair! 

top: threadsence, jeans: kohls, boots: vagabond via urban (on sale!), necklaces: erica weiner & threadsence, bracelets: vintage & vanessa mooney, rings: vintage & erica weiner, bag: fjallraven kanken mini (now found at urban!), lip color: make-up forever rouge artist intense no. 48

i need more days at the park with D. now that our schedules don't coincide with the same free days we hardly ever have time to spend together during the day, hence the lack of outfit photos around here. oh, adulthood!


  1. This is adorable. You're adorable! Yay for Weetzie bat and Francesca Lia Block. One of my favorite books (I assume that's what you're getting at with the witch baby reference). Keep on keeping on- I just found your blog and am really enjoying reading it!