For once mercury in retrograde isn't totally ruining my life and I don't know if I should be happy or freaking out waiting for something terrible to happen. Yikes, how pessimistic! Okay, okay, I choose to accept the universe's greatness, so let's roll with it!

First thing's first, I got a transfer to a new department at work! I'm so stoked because I get to work with such great gals and now I can finally feel useful instead of just going through the motions. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my time in the warehouse and made great friends but it just wasn't where I wanted to be permanently. I've realized that I just enjoy customer interaction and I'm so grateful to be able to help others. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to be doing with my life in the long run but for now this is good and an improvement. I just want to enjoy what I do and enjoy the company of others.

Also, D was blessed with a schedule change at work so we'll have one day off together now and he'll be getting off earlier! All of this is great because now we'll have more time to cook dinner and enjoy each other's company. I have found that things are more fun when I have a partner in crime.

And finally, I ordered my bike! I dropped a ridiculously pretty penny customizing it but in the long run it's totally worth it since I plan on using it a lot. More info on that later since I wanna dedicate a whole post to it later.

Patience, hard work and gratitude pay off. 

Outfit details: 
dress: ruche (sold out, similar), sweater: urbanog, boots: doc martens via macys, tights: target, glasses: derek cardigan via coastal


  1. thanks marlen im suuuuper stoked!

  2. The stripey dress with that color of sweater and the martens look great. Congrats on the transfer! It is very nice that you have customer interaction now, of course sometimes it can get your nerves, but it is also very satifying :)

    1. thank you so much, damaris!! & yes i know, sometimes customers can get crazy, but for the most part it's good to have human interaction, and when you can be of help to someone, it's really satisfying!