that birthday life

What is it about my birthdays never ever going as planned? At least I found the humor in it this year and I'm actually not upset at all. It's super silly though, how literally ALLLL my birthday plans foiled. All! But regardless we made the best of the crazy and I still had fun. I even did a few unplanned things and they were so much fun. I suppose I had forgotten what it was like to be totally random.

One of those unplanned things was go to the Orange County Museum of Art with my twinsie, Marla. It even worked out for us because it just so happened to be the second Sunday of the month which was their free day! It was a really small museum but they had a good collection.

A few favorites:

(so bad i can't remember who did these except for bottom right: Llyn Foulkes)
one of my favorites was this rad room with projections and lights. it totally made our reflections look like we were in a cool 90s music video. (i believe this installation was by Diana Thater, but i could be wrong).

Outside of the building was a peeing dog. Yes. A peeing dog. Hilarious and ridiculously surprising for conservative Orange County. "Bad Dog" by Richard Jackson.

And because it was my bday celebration I had to wear a cute dress! Here's this Dear Creatures dress I got from Ruche during the major winter sale and I won't tell you how much it cost me because then you'll be suuuuuper jealous! ;)

Outfit Details: Dear Creatures dress via Ruche, Tulle sweater (old), betsey johnson shoes  (sold out, similar here), fjallraven kanken mini (now found at urban), wet n wild purty persimmon lip color

Also we had lunch at Lemonade. I def broke paleo for that and it was totally worth it. Yes, that is mac and cheese and pot roast in that sandwich topped off with a very refreshing mint cucumber lemonade! Ugggghhhh I want one now!


  1. thanks, marlen!! and no, i'm not a twin, although i wish i was! haha. marla & i have known each other for so long that people think we're related lol. and lolol that dress was definitely not free but i can safely say it was under ten bucks! ^____^ omg that peeing dog is the best thing ever

  2. Happy belated birthday!!! You look totally gorgeous with that dress and lippie, a Dear Creatures dress how lucky girl you are! Already jealous even not knowing the small price, hehehe :) Your birthday, although not as planned, look perfect: modern art and mac & cheese poat roast sandwich (ohmy!)

    1. Thank you so much, Damaris! I have to learn that sometimes things that go unplanned can be just as fun!! & omg doesn't that sandwich look delicious!? i want one right now