hi there. took a quick break here since i basically melted away from the heat. thankfully this past week was much, much cooler and bearable.  been getting a move on on my spring cleaning, which i'm pretty sure is going to turn into summer cleaning as well. i take too many breaks, that's the problem. you know when you're looking through things and then you find something that makes you nostalgic and then you get so nostalgic that five hours pass by and then you have to do something else or go to bed? yeah. that's been happening a lot. i clearly have no cleaning discipline. so, it took me this whole week to just clean a corner of the living room. lol. and that drafting table i keep blabbing about? still hasn't been put back together. soon. SOON. it has to happen soon!

so, i have a confession to make. this is my first ever maxi dress. yes, it's true. i've never owned a maxi dress with the intention of wearing it as a maxi dress. every maxi dress i've ever thrifted i've always altered and hemmed. i couldn't get maxis to work on me without looking like Mrs. Roper from Three's Company. but now, i'm really diggin the Mrs. Roper look so i'm not trippin' any more. haha. this dress is from free people and i'm in love (i mean, at that price tag you kind of have to be! haha). but on the real, the embroidery is so gosh darn beautiful! i need to add another hook an eye to the front to keep the ladies inside since it's not really the type of dress you wanna keep puncturing with a safety pin. and really, if you've got the skills to fix dresses, just do it. i have a pile of things i need to fix but i'm so lazy. i've got plenty of projects to keep me busy this summer haha. anyway, i think i've been bitten by the maxi dress bug. eep!

oh, i have a question for ya'll. have you guys ever worn shoes with ankle straps and had the ankle straps give you blisters? like wtf! these super cute gee wawa's gave me blisters and i'm so afraid to wear them again. i'm thinking of putting some moleskine along the strap so it doesnt irritate my skin so much. this has never happened to me so i'm a little confused. if i ever get blisters it's usually on the back of the heel or on the ball of my right foot. i emailed gee wawa and i didn't get a response. thanks a lot guys, really makes me wanna purchase your shoes again. (eye roll).  oh well, if you have any tricks let me know, i'd appreciate it. i wanna wear these shoes again!

the embroidery is too good 

i should probably wear a slip with this

all right. i'm off to see if i'm really allergic to cats!

dress: free people | shoes: gee wawa via free people | necklace: erica weiner | sunnies: warby parker x leith clark | bracelets: vanessa mooney & vintage | lip color: wet n wild megalast in cherry bomb


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