now that i'm really into flares i'm totally dreading the coming of summer. especially because here in socal we feel summertime at full blast. full nasty melt your face off heat and i just wanna wear flares every day. i'm probably going to try to stay in my city this whole summer since i'm so close to the beach it's always like ten degrees cooler here than anywhere else. anyway, back to flares, I LOVE THEM. i bought a sweet pair from free people and theyve got a crazy print but apparently free people runs larger than i thought and sadly i got them on sale. soooo i'll have to put that sewing machine to use. 
i wish they made flares that aren't super long. not everyone is 6'2"! i want to not have to wear heeled booties sometimes with flares ya know. yes, i am aware that you can always hem them, but then you lose the bell shape if you hem them too much. the pants struggle is real. 

so by now i'm sure you're all aware that i am the BIGGEST Erica Weiner jewelry fan so let me tell you  how ridiculously happy i am that i actually won an erica weiner contest on instagram! i'm always entering contests because why the heck not? and this time i actually won for something i really really really wanted: these super dainty erica weiner shape bracelets. YESSSSSS. thank you universe! these bracelets are so delicate and elegant, but honestly, you can wear them with anything! i certainly have been. in this case theyre dressed down, but you can definitely dress them up. so many possibilities. ah, so grateful!

sweater: ? |  flares: BDG for urban (out of stock, similar) | boots: frye via macys | glasses: derek cardigan via coastal | necklace: erica weiner | rings: vintage & erica weiner | bracelets: vanessa mooney, threadsence, anthropologie and erica weiner 
(i told you i was a big erica weiner fan girl)


  1. ah, all of your bracelets are so lovely! i believe that's one piece of jewelry i often forget about.. i must start wearing more!

    lindsey louise

    1. thank you! i've def turned into a bracelet freak over the past year haha! im totally pro bracelet usage obvi :)