Spirit In The Sky

Heeyyyy guys. Long time no see. I lost track of the days here getting hooked on bejeweled blitz. I wish I was kidding about that. Lol. I have a killer score to show though! 

Haha aside from my obsession with bejeweled blitz, I've been really busy at work learning all new things. It's already been a month in my new position and I still have lots to learn but I'm totally getting there. I just wish I had more time! Ain't that always the case for everything though? It's a breath of fresh air to finally love your job and love the people you work with. So happy and soooo grateful to the universe for making this happen. 

In other news, I got a call from my mom last monday telling me that I need to get all my stuff out of my room at my parents place ASAP so that my cousin can move in. It's super cool my parents are taking in my cousin but I definitely feel a little weird. I mean, I knew this day would come, it's been a year since I moved out but have a lot of my belongings there still. I was gradually (very slowly actually) packing things away and bringing them over to my place now but that got increasingly difficult when I didn't have car access anymore. So I mean, I was prepared for it, but I feel very weird no longer having a place at my parents home. I'd have to crash on the couch if I wanted to stay over. I need to get over it I know, because I have to grow up, it just feels, I dunno, unreal. 

So that nonsense happened last week  and i'm still not even done. I'm taking a break since i need to clean and organize and make space at my place before i can bring any more of my stuff over. it's going to be a really long process. so i apologize in advance for any sporadic absences. 

can we please take a moment and talk about this amazing St. Eve necklace? I'm obsessed with this beautiful necklace I scored for half off during a siiiiick sale Threadsence had a few weeks ago for newsletter subscribers. If you're not on that mailing list get on it now! There are always amazing deals going on! 

(can you tell i am partial to silver jewelry?)

outfit details
boots: vagabond via urban outfitters (sold out, similar) | pants: LA | top: tulle | denim jacket: Ann Taylor (thrifted) | hat: free people  | necklace: St. Eve Spirit In The Sky necklace via Threadsencecan be found here too!)


  1. Such a great hat!! I am a massive hat fan, and yet I barely ever wear one. Hmm need to change that asap!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

    1. im def a massive hat fan but also rarely wear one! i'm working on it though hehe

  2. You are honestly the cutest!! Loving this look so much, you can never go wrong with stripes! :)
    xo TJ


    1. aw thanks for droppin by! and yes, stripes forever. i think a third of my closet is just stripes.

  3. great style!! love the boots and denim jacket!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. Love it! Perfect for summer festival :)