Through the Looking Glass(es)

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This past week I went to get my annual eye exam. Even I'm surprised I did it in a timely manner guys. Usually I'd wait like two years or I'd go only when I reeeeeaaaallly needed new glasses. There was even a year I found glasses in costume storage at uni with a previous prescription and I totally wore them. It was a little strong at first but eventually my eyes got adjusted to it. Can we say BAD IDEA? Yeah. Lol. One night of crazy dancing at part time punks and they flew off my face and a big lumberjack type dude stepped on em. Saddest story ever. 

But rest assured because luckily, my prescription didnt change much! If anything the optometrist said that my right eye got a tiiiiinnnyyy smidge better. Weird, but cool. So thankfully I won't need to get new glasses but I'm totally going to get new ones for one reason only: finding them in time. 

As you can all assume, I'm like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, always running late, or even if I'm actually not because I'm one of those psychos who needs to leave an hour earlier all the time, I'm always stuck in panic mode until I reach my destination. And more often than not I have spent my entire morning looking for my glasses because I couldn't remember where I put them the night before. Yes, I know, why don't you put them in the same spot every night? I don't know. I'm lazy. 

So to solve this dilemma, I'm just going to have to own several pairs. Plus it'll be cool to wear different specs depending on outfit don't you agree? Last week I got notification that i won a contest for glasses over on Belphoebe's Rags of Love from MyOptique promoting London Retro specs and i swear, this couldnt have happened at a much better time! yes! (thanks again, Bel!) I chose the Nancy frames in mixed from London Retro and i can't wait to get those babies. Also, i'm going to order the fab Kimball frames in marzipan tortoise from Warby Parker. 

I've got my eye on a few pairs over on lookmatic too so when i recover from my giant bike purchase i'm definitely getting more frames. In the meantime, i'm also looking at sunglasses because i don't have any and the optometrist suggested i get some. i have a pair of awesome raybans but sadly i can't wear them anymore because they don't have my prescription and every place i've taken them to wants to charge me $350+ to put prescription lenses on them UH NO THANKS. that's certainly more than the sunnies even cost me. so until i figure that out, i'm thinking about getting these sweet Greta shades that Warby Parker did in collaboration with Leith Clark and these Ricky shades from lookmatic.

One last thing...
this may be weird but here are retinal photos of my eyes. crazy right!? diabetes runs in my family, and unfortunately diabetes has permanently affected my mom's vision. Now that they offer these cool digital eye exams that basically scan the back of our eyes for any tumors or irregularities, we owe it to ourselves and our well being to have the exams done, especially if you or your family has a history of a particularly damaging disease. good news, nothing irregular here :)


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