Show Recap: Free Your Mind

Something's happened to me and whatever that is seriously makes me hate people. Not in particular, but in masses. Which is probably the number one reason why I don't go out anymore. I used to be the person who went to shows allllllllllll the time. I was a night owl and I just wanted to experience music with my friends or with total strangers who shared the bond of music with me. But now that I've been going to shows less and less, whenever I DO go I'm never in a good because man, the crowds suck. What happened to the people who didn't give a care in the world and would dance because they loved the music so much? What happened to making friends with strangers who loved your favorite band just as much as you do? Maybe I'm sounding old but I just don't think it's the same anymore. Tickets sell out to people who don't care about the music, they just want to be seen at shows. But I suppose that's probably how it is for everything in LA nowadays.

Last night was interesting and it really showed me how my general disgust for the LA concert crowd doesn't even matter when you're experiencing an amazing show from one of your favorite bands. So many people smoking in the middle of the crowd. Is that really necessary? So many couples making out like its the end of the world. So many annoying chicks who are clearly there just so someone can snap their photo. WHY? WHYYYYY? I just. I can't. All of that put me in the worst mood ever and I honestly thought I was going to ruin D's evening and ask him if we could leave. But he had never seen Cut Copy and last night made it my 4th time; it just wasn't fair. So i was fuming inside and totally dying but then Cut Copy came onstage and I kid you not, all the anger washed away. I remembered why I loved them so much and at that point i just didnt even care. They were amazing and i danced to every song. 

Last night can't even begin to compare to the first time I saw cut copy at the echoplex. They had just released in ghost colours and they had no budget to buy fancy dancy lights so the entire performance was ridiculously dark. I went by myself because it was finals week and no one wanted to risk not making it to class the next day but I didn't care. That's just who I was. I ended up in the front row making friends with a bunch of strangers who for that night were all brought together by our love for cut copy. It was a ridiculously amazing experience. And while last night was nothing like that, it totally reminded me that I didn't go there to see and be mad about the crowd, I went to see cut copy and I went to dance my little heart out. So the lesson learned: Free Your Mind. 


  1. YAYYY CUT COPY! love them too.

    I totally get you about the crowd thing. People in Syd don't even dance at concerts unless they're in the 'mosh pit.' Yes, here general admission is called mosh pit... so weird.

    So now when I go to concerts, I try not to buy tickets in the seats bc no one up there will dance! Anyway YAYYY Cut Copy.. would love to see them live.

    1. dude theyre aussies why havent you seen them!?!?!?! also i died at "mosh pit" haha. anyway, i miss you, the end.