Festival Style: Coachella 2014, A Practical Guide

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(hypothetical outfit & essentials for day 1)
(yeah i forgot 7, whoops)

I think we're all aware by now that unfortunately Coachella has become this parade of "look at my cute outfit" instead of "my favorite band is playing at noon so we have to get there early!" Everyone and their mom knows blogs and big time street style photographers and your favorite clothing companies hang around the grounds to take photos of stylish kids. what you don't know is that most of these people always hang out in VIP during the actual festival so your chances of getting on Refinery29's coachella "best dressed" list is preeeeettty slim. 

I highly suggest that you throw all notions of being photographed out the door and focus on having fun and fine tuning your schedule so you can see as many bands possible. Not to mention think about the p r a c t i c a l i t y  of what you're going to wear. 

so, you're going to Coachella with all your friends and you're so stoked you don't even know what to bring. So here a few tips of what NOT to bring to Coachella:
  • expensive jewelry (you'll be crying when you lose your expensive Vanessa Mooney cuff bracelet)
  • heeled booties (you'll be walking on grass and DIRT all weekend. heeled booties need not apply)
  • rompers (do i need to remind you about the porta potties? put two and two together)
  • leggings (you do know you're in the desert right? you don't care? okay. enjoy your tan)
  • leave your expensive dslr at home. bring a point and shoot instead
  • expensive hats (they will get crushed and you will be sad)
  • expensive sunglasses (you're probably going to lose them)
  • okay well expensive anything because odds are you WILL lose them or they will get completely wrecked
take the advice from a four year coachella veteran. 

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(hypothetical outfit & essentials for day 2)
(obvi the sweater is for night time you guys)

If you're not camping I highly suggest you rent a locker. Bring all the goodies you would want when the sun goes down like a sweater or a blanket, extra water. Plus if you bring a hat or something you can always put your stuff away so you don't have to carry things with you. I rented a locker the last two times I went to coachella and I dont regret it! Super helpful and I only really paid $30 for it for the whole weekend (you get your deposit back when you turn in your key). 

And probably my most important tip: 
If you're going with friends odds are your schedules are going to have conflicts you wanna see band X but your BFF wants to see band Y. Don't compromise! Go see who you wanna see you won't regret it. It would be wise to compare schedules with your friends and find a meeting spot. Have a gameplan! I know I'm a stiff and I like plans but I kid you not having a plan at a festival helps out the most. obviously know that it's just a gameplan because you guys might at the last minute decide to go see band Z. 

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(hypothetical outfit & essentials for day 3)
(add a top if it gets chilly and you don't actually want to wear a sweater at night)

On a parting note, if you're not going for the music and you're just going to be seen, just.don't.even.go

If you are going for the music, then i hope you have a great time. stay hydrated, don't forget your sunblock and remember to eat. Please have a frozen lemonade and giant slice of pizza for me and go see Neutral Milk Hotel. 

xo, Leeds.


  1. love the picks. practical, casual and still chic!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. I'd love to go to Coachella! I only go to Lollapalooza, but all you tips are very helpful :) Dress properly and don't take with you anything you don't need, haha!

  3. Nice outfits--I like all the shirts and the dress in the last outfit!

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