Meet Ein

So if you follow me on instagram, then you know that two weekends ago i totally died of a cute attack at the amazing Corgi Beach Day event at the doggy beach in Huntington Beach. Over 250 corgis just running around all over the beach! Some were off leash and they would just come by and play with you and leave. It was insane! I had to seriously fight everything within me so that i didnt steal a corgi that day. i want one so bad!

My date to corgi beach day was this handsome pup, Ein. he's seriously so adorable. Everything is exciting to him and he looooves making new friends. Also, Ein is the most passive dog i've ever met. I didnt hear him bark once! AHHHHH I can't wait to hang out with this little doggy soon! His owner, my pal Jenn, and i have lots of adventures planned for this coming summer so hopefully there will be more of Ein around here!

he's very well trained!

On a different note, i loooove this super comfy outfit. Both top and bottoms are from Ruche and while i normally would not have worn these together, i'm so glad i did because i'm totally digging it now. Happy accident! The embroidery detailing on this top is sooooo nice. I'm really glad embroidery detailing is popular again because i love lurking for new clothes that have great little details. But really though, i don't think it ever really went out of style. Maybe, that's just my opinion because i'm always buying stuff with a folksy touch. Love that embroidery!

Also, these lounge pants! I LOVE THEM. i'm turning into a lounge pant crazy lady! ayyyy. These are so freaking awesome. Breezy and comfy and rad color too. I'm pretty sure you're going to see these a lot around here. sorryimnotsorry! haha. Only thing that drives me crazy about these pants is how easily they wrinkle. T___T but everything that wrinkles drives me crazy.

yes, he was named Ein because of Cowboy Bebop!

top: Ruche | bottoms: Ruche | necklace: st. eve via threadsence | bracelets: brooke hill jewelry via prism boutique & anthropologie | shoes: mia | glasses: london retro via myoptique | lip color: MAC see sheer

doggy hugs!

Actual corgi beach day photos to come tomorrow, i promise!


  1. You looked perfect and had a very handsome date!

    1. aw thank you, that's so sweet! and yes, he's such a cutie ^___^

  2. i know!!! i want to steal him!!!!!! dude, i'm pretty sure i'm going to LIVE in these pants. marlen, i definitely have a shoe addiction so i will always encourage people to buy shoes haha. these are from MIA shoes, originally MIA clogs, but they no longer make clogs. T______T. i found these in college at nordstrom's rack for $25. a big win for me. i've seen a few decently priced pairs on ebay though so you might have some luck there. i seriously need another company to make inexpensive clogs, because swedish hasbeens are cute and all but i cant afford them!

  3. So, after growing up in Orange County, I just learned that Corgi Beach Day was a thing a couple of a months ago. It is now all I want to do in life.

    Side note: Love how this top looks with these comfy pants. Also, all of the necklaces you own are top-notch.

    1. haha dude i dont know how long its been around but im so glad it is! i can't wait to go to the next one. corgi beach day is my heaven!

      ahah thanks Elana, jewelry is sooo my thing!