Brick Walls & Bike Progress

Coachella weekend was awesome! I didn't go but all the bros/douchebags in my city did so getting around town this weekend was so nice! We even got a table right away at my favorite breakfast spot on Sunday. You can totally think I'm making a joke here but seriously that's how it was!

While everyone was at brochella I even took my bike out for a spin! I haven't ridden the bike in probably three weeks (maybe four?) and out of nowhere we decided to ride out in the street. Not entirely the best idea but I was feeling rather courageous and I got my new helmet in the mail. I got the silver glittery one in case you were wondering from last time. (It's awesome makes me look/feel like robocop). We rode out on the sidewalk a little to get to this industrial part of town where no one goes on weekends so I could get some practice. Now this is the craziest thing, riding on the sidewalk freaks me out, makes me really nervous and it throws me off balance, but when I ride on the bike lane (even with a few cars passing me by) I'm totally not nervous! Talk about being backwards. Either way, our next step is to take the basket off my bike because I'm 100% convinced its what's throwing me off balance. It's too bad because its such a nice Linus basket. Maybe we'll put it back on when I feel ready. I can't wait to get better at bike riding so I can bike to work from the train station. :)

Anyway keepin it short today. 
Don't be fooled by this outfit. It's hot out today. Unpredictable California weather, you know. 

Have a nice Monday folks! 

(lol my necklace is out of place)

sweater: urbanog | necklace: 31Bits via Ruche | dress: tulle | boots: urbanog | glasses: London retro via myoptique (giveaway win yay!)


  1. I love the sweater!
    Wanna follow for follow? :D

  2. I also love when lot of people are going to a certain place (in my case it is usually a Barcelona soccer game) leaving the city deserted :P it's the perfect moment to go to that place with long queues or the movies. Silver helmet! Nice choice :) I would love to see pictures of you looking like robocop (laughed a lot!) with your bike and helmet. Love your outfit, nice using the dress like a skirt with the sweater & statement necklace :) Btw, not from this post but I love your growing jelly shoes collection, had to mention! :P

    1. thanks damaris! i love when the city gets a little deserted it makes exploring a little bit easier. lol okay one day soon i'll post robocop photos haha. when are you getting jellies!? you need to! i know you would just make them look super cute!!!

  3. Cool outfit. Really like your necklace!

    Melanie | UnraveledThreads

  4. LOVE these photographs you look so cute! I really love the colour of your jumper also!