A Valetine For YOU

Because ACTF (the american college theater festival) took up all of my precious time this week i didn't have time to make the super cool valentines i have been wanting to make since uhm, forever. so because i did want to give some folks SOMETHING at least i made a playlist, named after a Daft Punk song, that i would like to share with you all. enjoy it! it's all about love love love. even if you're bitter and sad because you won't have a valentine this year (then we're in the same boat) you can still enjoy this playlist and think of the good times to come! enjoy!

Much Love,


Digital Love: Valentine's Mix 2009

1. "Time Stands Still" - Cut Copy
2. "Digital Love" - Daft Punk
3. "Little Bit" - Lykke Li
4. "Love You Straight" - Pop Levi
5. "You Make Lovin' Fun" - Fleetwood Mac
6. "Parentheses" - The Blow
7. "Cupid" - The Brunettes
8. "Heartbeats" - The Knife
9. "Behind the Frontlines" - Johnathan Rice
10. "Into Eternity" - Jens Lekman
11. "1963" - Rachael Yamagata
12. "Number 1" - Goldfrapp
13. "First Day of My Life" - Bright Eyes
14. "Back of the Van" - Ladyhawke
15. "The Magic Position" - Patrick Wolf
16. "I Was Made For You" - She & Him
17. "Heartbeat" - Annie
18. "Take My Heart" - Soko
19. "This Boy's In Love" - The Presets
20. "Somewhere Across Forever" - Stellastarr*
21. "If You Find Yourself Caught In Love" - Belle & Sebastian

download here:
Digital Love 1-10
Digital Love 11-21
sorry had to do a two parter, mediafire was being stupid.


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