Polaroid Film is Not Dead...it just smells awful

So good news to my fellow instant photography lovers!!!! Polaroid is not dead!!! it's just going to carry a new name!!! i dont see a problem here really...as long as i get my instant photo cravings taken care of im good to go! i was keeping tabs on The Impossible Project for a short while and as soon as they mentioned they were working with the Polaroid company to get the rights to the factory and all that legal mumbo jumbo i stopped keeping tabs because i just knew it was going to happen...and it did. im so damn excited. its not over! its not over! yayyy. now we can all rejoice. because ive got two packs of 600 film left and ive been such a cheap ass with using it. its actually expired too. but i dont care im making those babies last!

but anyway i hope you are all as excited as i am about this.

read about this on the wallpaper* website
or directly from the source.

ill be back later to notify you of the great night out i had with Stephen Malkmus.


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