You Told Me All Kinds of Insanities

of Montreal

On Thursday i skipped out on Pizookie Thursday @ BJ's with the costume gals and my friend Darren and i went to see OF MONTREAL at the glasshouse. it was a really amazing show although i did have the most bizarre twilight zone experience that i really need not go into further detail. all you need to know is that the show was amazing even though we missed part of the set. haha well im pretty sure we missed some of it because it seemed like such a short set and we did walk in like mid-song. we were having some beers in super hipster bar next door.

i'm a little sad that the show was at the glasshouse because that place is so small that it doesnt really allow for of montreal's usual theatrics which im sure i would thoroughly enjoy...but for it being my first of montreal encounter i was definitely pleased. i danced it out and it was so much. i did notice that Kevin Barnes looked really tired or he was just not really into it. and from what i have read in other blogs it seems to be the general consensus. i did find it incredibly hilarious that throughout the whole performance Kevin Barnes had gum in his mouth. lol. even from where i was standing i could tell. i kept hoping to god he wouldnt choke or something. Kevin, that's dangerous. shame on you.

they also played Requiem for O.m.m.2 which added to my twilight zone moment.
of montreal, i do not like dramatic irony.

p.s. i borrowed the photo from **Owen of flickr
if you get a chance head on over to look at his of montreal set because i didnt have my camera with me.




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