i find it weird whenever people ask me to describe my style. mostly because i just can't ever find words to give a proper descriptor. i find that my personal style depends deeply on how i feel that day. so can i say my style is moody? or i think probably mood-dependent would sound better. another thing i could say is eclectic but that's sort of ironically a generalization don't you think? maybe it's because i'm a costume designer by trade and i find costume history important that i find it hard to just "define" my style. i like everything. past trends certainly inspire new ones and silhouettes get recycled as do certain styles. the other day i went shopping with a friend and i asked "should i get this jacket? i love it" to which my friend replied "i don't know it's not really you". what does that even mean? it's not me? but i like it.  what does anyone else know about something being me? doesnt me liking something justify something as being me? naturally i was offended by that response, but it's okay, no harm was intended. i just think from now if i like something, i get it solely based on that fact. (and if budget allows of course).

and don't worry friends, i got the jacket anyway and it's definitely ME. 

let's talk about this graphic tank--the sides are so open it's ridiculous. i would never wear this with just a bra under without a jacket or a sweater because i just don't feel comfortable doing so. however, i found the secret to feeling comfortable in this shirt! a bra crop! it gives you more coverage if that's your thing (certainly is my thing).  i suppose you could also wear a small tank underneath too. my plan was to just sew up the sides a bit more but i think i like this idea of wearing color tanks under because sometimes playing with color is my thing.
sweater: tulle (old), skirt: tulle, graphic tee: wasteland, bra crop: urban outfitters (on sale now!), sunglasses: rayban, boots: doc martens, socks: american apparel


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