Lookin' Back: August 2013

all photos from my instagram: @atthisvolume

I know it's September but i totally just realized that i hadn't posted August 2013 in review! whoooaaaaa. Also how is it like already mid september? why does time go by so fast! i don't like it one bit.

August was pretty chill overall.

  • spent a lot of August catching up on Fall Fashion reading several September Issues at the park while D skated. although i love print magazines i have to admit i was pretty bored by the september issues. this has to do with having to search the internet every day for trends and new editorials for moodboards at the internship. i feel like the importance of the september issues is now in this day and age undermined by the instant gratification we get from the internet.

  • i made pancakes for the very first time! and they were amazing! D worked overtime one day and i really wanted pancakes but since he's the king of pancake making but he wasn't here i had to do it myself. they were pretty damn good if i do say so myself. i will post that recipe soon!

  • D & I enjoyed many days at the park. He skates there while i read. that ground is soooo rough so i don't even try to skate. i know falling on that ground will probably leave a nasty scratch/bruise/whatever.

  • this is the month i learned how to ride the buses in Orange County! pretty exciting things there. i mean, this way i have some freedom back and i don't have to stay cooped up indoors all day. it's super easy to take the bus to my internship and the other day i took the bus to the Brea Mall and had my sister pick me up and take me to her house that's only 15 minutes away. so truly, now i don't really have an excuse to not hang out with my family.

  • speaking of family, at the end of August we had to go to a funeral for my Aunt (my mom's first cousin really, but you know Mexicans, everyone you know is your aunt!). it was really sad of course but it was a really pretty funeral. there was a mariachi band and they played amazing songs, something i know my Aunt Linda would have loved. While at the funeral though, i saw a lot of family that i haven't seen in years. And why? School or work or doing hoodrat things with my friends. And that really made me feel weird, like i havent seen these people in ages! The adults are not getting any younger and all the kids my age have kids of their own. So many new kids i have never met before, so many people who hadn't seen me in probably ten years. it was so i dont know, weird? Then it dawned on me that i have sacrificed precious time with my family for stupid reasons and i just don't want to do that anymore. I want to see my sister's kids grow up. I want to be a great aunt to me like my Aunt Mari was to me. i want to be there for my sister whenever she needs me and i want to be there for my mom. I just want to spend as much time as i can with my mom because i know that unfortunately one day, she won't be here. So spending time with my family and getting to see my nieces and nephew grow up will be at the top of my priorities from now on.

  • we did a lot of hiking over at Crystal Cove state park. we hiked 9 miles one day and it was crazy! we saw a coyote and the fear set in and made me run the entire way back lol. (how's that for inspiration!?) another day when we hiked less, we came across the steepest hill on a trail and i was literally in tears because i was so afraid and knew there was no way i could make it down. D was ridiculously encouraging and waited for me at the bottom while i had to scoot my butt down there. lol. it was pretty funny even though at the time it was the most frightening thing ever. I love D, he's always pushing me to do my best!

  • um. i bought the cutest ugly sandals ever from urbanog and although i didn't think i'd actually end up loving them, i totally do. they were so ugly they were cute to me. is that...weird? it probably is. haha. but yeah theyre the BEST sandals everrrrr and i get compliments on them all the time so it was a super rad purchase after all. isn't that always the best?
  • while i didn't get to go to FYF like i thought i was, i ended up making an amazing pot roast for two. i definitely spent a lot more time in the kitchen this month. that's what happens when you don't have a car and youre hungry. haha

  • i reunited with one of my besties, Marc Defiant, and it was refreshing. most of my friends moved away so having a few friends left in socal is a blessing except i've been a recluse lately and not seen anyone. but i've decided to stop being a crazy person and reach out to my buddies because i'm just a lot saner and happier when theyre around.


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