Beauty Talk: September Wishlist

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hey guys just droppin in for a quick one. i still havent gotten around to catching up on all your awesome blogs but i swearrrr that it will happen soon. i've been kindasortanotreally working on my portfolio and wrapping things up at my internship so i've been super busy around here. i've also been trying to stop being such a recluse and actually hanging out with friends and spending time with the boyfriend and my family. 

anyway, here's my current beauty wishlist! 

1. this living proof style extender is amazing! i got a sample of it in the beauty awards birchbox and it seriously is the best hair product ever. i dont wash my hair every day because it's colored but i usually feel weird about it because i feel that my hair gets limp and lifeless real quickly, but when i started using the living proof style extender it feels like it has more volume and it feels soft and looks shiny without being too shiny. on top of all that it smells amazing! i put it on after i wash my hair and towel dry a bit and just leave it in. i highly recommend it and i definitely need to buy this in a larger size. you only need about a quarter size droplet and you're good to go! (you could probably use half of that if you have short hair though) 

2. i'm not usually a big eyeshadow user (because ive spent my time in high school being an eyeshadow abuser) but i'm really into that "no makeup" makeup look now and i def. want to start working that into my daily routine.

3. since i want to start using eyeshadow i need a good eyeshadow primer because i have the oiliest eyelids on earth (gross, i know). my sister uses this primer and she only has really good things to say about it. 

4. D bought a clarisonic last year when we were in portland (hello no sales tax) and he seriously has used it like twice. whaaaat? so i'm just going to buy a new brush head and take it over because he's letting such a good product go to waste.

5. OMG. so i bought this lipstick in cherry bomb and it is so rad! and definitely not bad for $1.99! my sister has a few colors and suggested i give it a try and let me tell you at $2 these guys are a steal! they last quite a long time, which is perfect for me because i HATE to reapply lipstick, just hate it. and the colors are really rich. i bought another color, which name i can't recall, but i can easily compare it to NARS' scarlet empress. VERY impressive for a $2 lipstick. I've been on the market for a nice nude lip color so i feel like this would be nice to try, and safe, because i'm not sure if a nude color would even look good on me.

6. lastly, sephora has this awesome gift set for $25! that tarte lip stain costs $25 on its own so this is definitely a steal. i think i might buy my sister one for xmas, she's really into makeup if you already couldn't tell.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Wet n Wild lip stuffs. Imma get that. I love Wet n Wilds eyeshadow pallettes, the large ones are about 6 dollars and the color payoff is awesomesauce.

    1. duuude YES! i should look for some neutral eyeshadows. since i kinda wanna experiment first before i shell out haha.