ThreadSence Fall 2013 Lookbook: Inspiration Never Sleeps

So remember when i mentioned that the ThreadSence Fall Lookbook was coming soon? Well, the day has finally arrived! Woo! Check out Inspiration Never Sleeps at with the queen of all babes, Natalie Suarez of Natalie off Duty. Make sure you watch the video too, it's really cool.

So here are a few looks i styled (just clothing, not jewelry):
(this one is my faaaaave)

this hat. i need it.

And some favorites I didn't style:

sooo i suppose it's now time to mention that my internship with ThreadSence is now over, but i learned sooo soo much, and i'm super bummed it's over. It was work that didn't feel like work. I'm going to miss my styling team a lot but i hope that i will see them sometime soon.

Here's to a Summer well spent!


  1. You did such a great job styling these! Natalie looks amazing (doesn't she always?) So sorry that your internship is over, but it's awesome that you got such a great experience!

    1. thank you, elana! yes i totally agree, i'm so happy i got such a wonderful opportunity to work with such amazing people!

  2. i was the styling intern and nooooo i'm so freaking bummed about it, but i didn't get to go on location and meet natalie but in the end i'm okay with that because i probably wouldve been super awkward haha