In Dreams: A Day at the Farmer's Market

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go ahead and tell me this isn't the perfect outfit for a day at the farmer's market! you can't! hahah. but on the real, i would probably wear this everywhere. can i please have these jett modern vice booties?! P L E A S E ! They are seriously so perfect in every way. In person, the leather is just so soft and dreamy. But that price tag. I just. I can't. HOLD ON. I need a moment to collect myself. 

okay. i've decided just now, i'm going to start saving them pennies for these babies because i just don't think i can live without them. ever since the day i saw them in real life i've needed them. i dont even know why i do this to myself. can i just win the lottery? liiiiiike am i going to get a second job so i can buy these? maybe.

okay. okay. let's move on before i have a breakdown. when i was a kid i loved fringe on everything! everything! i had a little fringe jacket and it was my favorite thing in the worrrld! until we moved and no one was able to find it. i was seriously depressed at age 6 over a fringe jacket. which btw, i didnt list here but cleobella has the fringe jacket of my dreams. this second job is probably gonna need to happen isn't it? ahaha anyway this little bag from irene's story is a good compromise for now, right?

this dress from Ruche is too perfect. i need it. need it. neeeeeed. i freakin adore the floral embroidery so much. it seriously makes the dress. there is also a similar one in sage green if you're interested. ;) i find that lately i've been gearing towards more blue clothing. all shades of blue. i don't know what this means. 

okay i'm getting loopy i have to get food now. have a good weekend and be good to your moms tomorrow.


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