i know. i know. WHERE ARE THE CORGI PHOTOS!?  i promised them and i definitely didn't deliver on that. sorry about that. i owe you guys corgi photos okay? i edited half of them and then when i picked up the editing for the second half i realized i didn't like any of them. that's what happens when you shoot in bright daylight guys, it just messes everything up. sooooo when i redo them i will post them and you will all die from cute attacks. just sayin.

so guess what's finally happening? SPRING CLEANING! it's taking me forever because i just have so. much. stuff. !!! It's exhausting. not going to lie i feel like if i start a fire it'll be easier. for a long time i didn't really know where to begin, it was so overwhelming. but i just got to it and i've been throwing things away and setting things that deserve better homes aside so i could list them somewhere. it's been kind of like a scary episode of hoarders. first step is admitting you have a problem right?

my goal for the end of the day is to clear everything from one side of the living room so i can move the couch. in hopes that this weekend i'll be able to set up my drafting table that i keep freakin talking about. lol. we're also thinking of getting rid of the couch. yikes! where am i going to take all my cat naps!? sigh. it's probably a good idea though, we have a really small apartment and we should probably get a smaller couch. i'd probably be more productive without a couch though let's be honest. i dunno, i'll keep ya'll posted on the very important couch decision of 2014. 

enough rambling, now on to this outfit. im 26 still lookin like a high schooler. lol. ay dios! i can't help it. sometimes i get dressed and this happens. i gotta say, these warby parker shades are everything. i wear them all the time even though sometimes i have to admit that they don't really go with my outfit. prescription sunglasses are the shit though. feels so good to not have to induce headaches by being a dork and wearing sunglasses with no prescription. on another note, i think i have to mention that this skirt is not crooked. the buttons are actually to the side. i bought this skirt in two colors because i thought the side button thing was ridiculously cute but when worn it totally looks like i'm dorky and wearing the skirt weird. although, that's definitely happened before with other skirts so, yeah. 

by the way, this backpack is so rad. i got it when i worked at the bookstore and found it in the sale bin for half off. plus i had a coupon AND a membership card. so majorrrrr $aving$! ah, the types of thrills around here. haha. man, i don't even know about this obsession with backpacks. one day i'll grow up and be a real adult with a handbag.

but, until then, you'll see lots of backpacks around here. haha

sweater: h&m | top: urban outfitters (men's section) | skirt: tulle | socks: h&m | boots: zuriick (similar) | glasses: warby parker x leith clark | necklace: 31Bits via Ruche | backpack: barnes & noble (sale section heck yeah!)