August of Last Year, Before the Leaves Disappeared

Ummmm. So i definitely dropped the ball there on updating. Sorry guys! I've mostly been out and about so i never have time to sit at home and update. I'm not one to plan posts which explains why i'm all over the place all the time! oh well. maybe one day i'll sit down and figure out a schedule of sorts. i promise to catch up on all your blogs sometime soon. i would say this weekend but let's be reallllll. haha. No seriously though, i looked at my online portfolio yesterday and i almost cried from its hideousness. Okay it's not THAT bad, but i've definitely made some layout choices that i hate. And i used to be so happy with it! lolololol. Now that my internship is coming to a close it's time to revamp that resume & revamp the portfolio so i'll probably spend this weekend doing that, so forgive my hiatus. But whatever you're all going to probably be having BBQs and all while i sit at home and yell at my computer when i can't figure out some coding. haha.

Anywayyy, it's been ridiculously hot and once i get home from work i take off whatever somewhat presentable outfit i was wearing and throw on shorts and a band tee. I definitely jinxed the weather! Remember that time i was like ohhh it's been the coolest August since 1919...blah blah blah...and then the heatwave came. I KNEW not to be trusting at all! And now it's super worse for me because in the office it's really cold then on the bus ride home i'm like DYING. When i get home i immediately take off my clothes and sit in front of the fan for several minutes to just cool down.

Can i tell you something ridiculously fun about this skirt? So i tried it on at urban outfitters right, and i didnt end up getting it because of the price tag. but i was so in love with the color i knew i had to save up for it. then when i had the money it was sold out! OF COURSE. but thennnnn it went on mega sale, but in white. i got it either way and since i was in college at the time and had access to an industrial vat (think of a big giant pot with fancy buttons) and figured i would dye it whenever i had the chance. then sure enough, one day i needed to dye some pants this mint color for a show i was designing, and what do you know, i threw in this skirt, gave a little prayer, and everything worked out amazing! i can't say the same for those pants, but eh, you win some, you lose some! sucks you can't really tell it's minty in these photos...oh well another day another photo i promise.
oh look my socks actually match. it's such a battle trying to find matching socks in the morning. sometimes D & i just grab whatever socks so we totally mess up the sock balance and then they NEVER match. story of our lives. so seeing matching socks is quite a luxury around here.
this shirt. i love this shirt. Jonathan Rice merch from when he opened for goddess Jenny Lewis at her Rabbit Fur Coat Release show at the Vista Theatre. that was a beautiful evening! is it silly that i especially love wearing this shirt during shark week? hahaha i never watch shark week but i make it a point to wear this shirt. lololol.

okay i'm going to celebrate my friend Marc's bday now with burger time, so i guess i should get dressed in something other than a band shirt. adios!

band tee: jonathan rice merch, skirt: urban outfitters (old), lakers snapback: stolen from D, socks: target, boots: thrifted (timberland), glasses: coastal


  1. ah, i do love this shirt! i love that you got it while seeing jenny lewis too! i love her!

    lindsey louise

    1. thank you! yessss that jenny lewis show was so soooo sooo amazing and memorable!!

  2. Those plaits are so damn cool! Love the cap too, such a casual but pretty look! xx

    1. haha i had to look up plaits! i was like UHHHHHH WHAAAAAA? but thank you! i looked it up and here in the states theyre braids. gotta admit plaits sounds wayyyy cooler!!!