Well, Happy Birthday America! I never usually dress patriotic on Independence Day, because well, i'm too lazy and I don't go anywhere on holidays anyway and it's just too much effort if i'm not going anywhere. ahhaha. I had to work today though, and we were told we could wear sneakers if we wore something patriotic so I jumped at the chance. Wearing sneakers at work is the best thing ever because i'm on my feet all day! I just don't know why it's just not allowed to wear em. But whateeeeveeerrrr. Please ignore that my socks don't match, it's become an issue ever since graduation. 

Also, I never realized just how pale my legs are right now. I need some sun apparently. Yikes. If you know me at all, you know i don't like the sun. I just. I can't. It's too hot. I don't like getting sunburnt. Sigh. But my legs...they're like vampire legs! I guess it's time to go to the beach. ayyy ay ay. 

I love the collar detail of this sheer waist tie shirt from ThreadSence. AND it's now on sale for muuuuch cheaper than what i got it for so you should probably jump at the chance while it's still there!

This is my please just take this picture so i can go face. Can we also note how it looks like i'm standing in front of a green screen or something? lolololol. 

Anyway, i hope all you fellow Americans are having a good and safe Fourth of July. Yay, freedom! I didn't get to go see my lil babies today so i'm a little bummed. But that's nothing bacon wrapped hotdogs won't fix! hahah. Okay i better get started on those! Adios!

striped boatneck long sleeve shirt // banana republic
chambray skirt // tulle
red sneakers // converse (duh)
3 stone cuff // gift...but i think it's from UO
glasses // coastal


  1. oh definitely! they're just soo good! & i work at a bookstore. it's company policy that we can't wear "athletic" shoes. :(

  2. Cute outfit! Love your chambray skirt and striped top. Where in OC are you from? I'm originally from OC as well.

    xo Jessica

    1. thanks! i'm technically new to OC! currently haunting brosta mesa but not for too long haha.