Art Files: Helixduplo Halfaxa

My really good friend Glenn is a fellow book hoarder and he also makes amazing art. His art lies somewhere in the realm of abstract and surrealism but it is uniquely his. I have admired his art since high school and am so glad that he is still making his art. He has grown so much as an artist and has definitely honed his craft. There is something about his art that I just love and I would love even if he wasn't my friend.

He recently made this illustration inspired by Claire Boucher aka Grimes and I am dying to get an iphone cover of it:

He has a Society6 page where you can get a phone cover, print, shirt, whatever of this illustration. I'm sure he will have more illustrations up there coming soon so check back occasionally.

If you would like to look at his work he's pretty active on instagram so check him out: HelixDuplo

He owes me this illustration:

I can't wait to frame it and hang it up near my work station.