Trend Spotting: Overalls or Over it?

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Overalls. I've tried to ignore them, but you really can't deny their comeback, because they are EVERYWHERE I look! I still can't get around the whole trend, but I will accept that there are some people who do overalls well--I'm just not one of them. While I think the tapered overalls can only be done well by slim girls, I feel like the more loose fitting they are (like the ones on Free People"4") the more forgiving they are for everyone else. Although, I still don't think it's something I personally will be trying soon.

However...when we start talking overall shorts / overall dresses (or jumpers) we jump into a whole new territory. I feel like these are the most forgiving types and if you are wanting to jump the trend bandwagon but aren't too sure you can pull off tapered overalls, this is a good place to start. My favorite way to get a touch of the overall trend is the Urban Renewal Overall Dress "8", it's perfect! You get the trademark top part of overalls, but you can wear it as a cute dress! I feel like this is a win-win situation. Overall shorts are also pretty neat and can feel pretty effortless. I find them a lot more forgiving too! Although, i'm not too sure i'm ready for overall shorts, I find myself leaning more towards overall inspired dresses, pinafores, and jumpers like the ones Erin of Calivintage "11" and Mara of MLovesM "12" have been sporting lately.

This was the last time I was seen wearing overalls:
What about you?
What's your take on overalls?


  1. i was all about overalls in elementary school which is probably the last time i wore them. i think unless you're a kid or on farm, overalls are a bit gimmicky. what do you think about suspenders?

    1. girrrrl don't i know it! i wouldn't wear anything other than overalls when i was a kid. and they HAD to be cuffed, or else! lol i was such a brat! but now as an "adult" i don't think this is a trend for me. suspenders on the other hand, are awesome. the clip kind or the button kind, i love them! but it drives me nuts when people wear them with belts. that just defeats the purpose. i wish i could wear them more often but boobs make suspenders look really weird...too manga/anime ish