Burger Time: Mustard Aioli Mushroom Burger

It feels only fitting to have the first "real" post on here be a Burger Time post. Because I mean, burgers are the reason I exist. Truly.

Last night, D & I spent our evening making these delicious cheeseburgers with sautéed mushrooms, arugula, and dijon aioli. And to accompany those, we made some roasted potatoes with garlic sauce. We got the burger recipe from Jessica of HowSweetEats.com and the roasted potatoes recipe from Jo of   JoCooks.com.

Can i just tell you how AMAZING this was? Okay, well, IT WAS AMAZING. Don't be jealous! you can make your own too! But if you do, I have some tips for ya.

For the burgers:
(cheeseburgers with sautéed mushrooms, arugula and dijon aioli recipe)

  • if you are running short on time, don't make the mustard aioli sauce--Trader Joe's sells it in a jar! (we made the aioli according to the recipe and while it was really good, there was just way too much leftover. i mean, do it according to recipe if you wanna know what's in it/love it and want to keep it around in the fridge to use for the rest of the week)
  • if you are confused, like i was, about what kind of mushrooms to get, crimini mushrooms also work fine, because they're actually the same thing as baby bella mushrooms. i bought some crimini at trader joe's and then went to albertson's where i found "baby bella"...but after close inspection (and a quick google search that i should've done in the first place) i found out they were actually the same thing. doh!
  • make sure you check the size of your buns when you are making the patties and size the patties accordingly, or else you'll end up with fatty patties that are actually much smaller than your buns width-wise. 
For the potatoes:
  • first off, you actually want to start with the potatoes before the burgers because these take the longest
  • in Jo's recipe, she says to "2. Put the garlic and salt in a mortar and pestle and crush the garlic until it becomes a paste..." howeverrrrr, you actually want to do step 3 and then step 2. 
  • Step 3 tells you to clean potatoes and cut into wedges etc. While the potatoes are in the oven you can do step 2 and that'll save you some time
  • if you read step 2, it says you should use a mortar and a pestle...don't have one? then just do what i did and use the side of your knife and smash the garlic heads. then try to slice them all into thin little pieces. throw the pieces in a small-ish bowl and grab something you can crush the garlic with. lol, seriously:

  • throw in the amount of salt it asks for and then crush actually. (obviously make sure you wash whatever you're using to crush the garlic with)
  • if you're not getting an arm workout, you're not doing it right
The garlic potatoes were amazing, but don't expect to kiss anyone after. We're talkin garlic city. But who cares? Garlic is good for you!

p.s. got a burger recipe that's amazing? drop a comment and i'll have to put it to the test ;)


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