Beauty Talk: Birchbox, Jem & The Holograms, and Me

I don't generally review anything that arrives in my Birchbox because there are just soooo many blogs out there that are specifically focused solely on subscription boxes and I feel like they have probably better ways to describe their products and such. I personally don't know much about beauty products anyway. For any of that info I consult my bestgay, Marc, who is my make-up & skincare guru. But with Birchbox's rebranding and super rad new box I figured, why not? right? right.

 Their logo has changed and it looks much more sophisticated. Now that they have expanded internationally, they needed something that looked very professional and something that really represented that they mean business. I didn't take a photo of that but i'm sure if you really feel the need you can look at their site.

The new boxes themselves have changed also. The box lids now have a much more simplistic look and i'm not sure if this new printing is anything related to this but the box itself actually doesn't smell awful. It doesn't smell like roses either but at least it no longer smells like that weird damp humidity smell that cardboard often ends up smelling like.

As with all subscription boxes, some boxes are a hit and others are simply a miss. Or oftentimes, I find myself hating most of the box except for one particular item. This time around, everything was lovely. But what mostly impressed me was the inside of the box! I know, i'm like those kids during christmas who get more excited about the wrapping paper than the actual gift. lol. But seriously. LOOK AT THE INSIDE. it's like zig zaggy awesomeness. The boxes never looked so sophisticated before! I'm totally in love. I like to keep my boxes and store sewing stuff in them usually but now they can even double up as a gift box. All you have to do is put a sticker on the top of the lid or something so it doesn't say birchbox anymore. Recycling is fun!

Anyway, the products were pretty good. They sent these adorable postcards with ridiculously cute illustrations that i'm not sending out because i'm a hoarder and i just so happen to collect postcards. Yes. I admit it. The color club nail polish is a really cute pastel green and the Davines Love Smoothing shampoo and conditioner smell amazing! D took over the shampoo & conditioner since I'm on a strict shampoo regime and can't steer off it (the downsides to color dyed hair), and he won't stop talking about how great they are. I'm assuming he's hinting at me to get them for him. lol. I just might though because I love how good his hair smells and they do a good job of keeping his locks tamed.

But the standout product for me was definitely the Laqa & Co. "Lil' Lip Duo". They are these mini lip pencils that have this super creamy texture with a satin finish. They also have this sort of minty feel to them (reminiscent of the tarte lip pencils). I got the bright pink one and it is SO RAD. It's ridiculously  bright. It's LOUD if a color can even be loud. Mixed with my hair it makes me feel like i'm living some 80s barbie dream. I think more accurately, some Jem & The Holograms dream. Haha.
I mean...LOOK at how bright that lip color is! I'm just so obsessed with it. The best part about it, aside from it being ridiculously bright, is that it lasts all day. Like FOREVER. EVER EVERRRRR. I'm serious. I only applied once, early in the day, and the brightness didn't fade away. It's like magic. Definitely something i'm going to need to order in bulk before it's sold out and i'm left lusting over it. For $16 for the mini pack, it's really not bad, considering the tarte lip pencils I normally use are $24 a pop. If you want their full size ones though, they're on the Laqa & Co. site for $18. Not bad!

See. Super bright still. I promise I will try to not look so unenthused in future photos. I sure wish D had told me my bangs were doing that awful claw thing. If you look really closely i'm wearing my glasses underneath my sunglasses. Because i'm ghetto. Actually, because i'm poor and haven't gotten around to getting prescription lenses on my sunglasses. Lenscrafters tried to charge me $300 for that and I was like, Yeah, NO THANKS. 

I'll leave you with a not so bitch-faced photo:

I'm laughing because D decided it would be a good idea to take photos and skate at the same time. Silly boy. 

Rx Glasses // Derek Cardigan via
Pyrite Square Necklace // Erica Weiner
Meteor Sunglasses // Ray-Ban
Denim Jacket // Thrifted
Tee Shirt // Target
Skirt // Tulle


  1. LOVE that lip color! it looks so good on you! fingers crossed they ship to OZ...

  2. THANK YOU!! if they don't already you should email them and ask if it's in the works. They're like trying to take over the entire market so even if it's not right now shipping to OZ they might plan on it!

  3. Cute outfit! Are you on Bloglovin? I'd love to follow you