Lookin' Back: June 2013

How did this month go by so fast? I feel like as I get older, the days just go faster and faster. Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted was to grow up!? Man, we've got it all so backwards. Haha. Anyway, although this month went by pretty quickly there were some pretty memorable events:

  • attended an Oscars Outdoors screening of Twenty Feet From Stardom and reunited with my pal Glenn. The movie was amazing and I still highly recommend that you all go see it! I saw it again with D recently. 
  • finally launched my own blog! as much as I have loved tumblr it was just time to move on. Tumblr is not for words and i'm all about words. 
  • D's birthday was this month and I had fun racing against time to make him a birthday cake before he came home from work! Also, it was so hard keeping a secret about his birthday gift. So lucky he doesn't have instagram or else he would've known when his Tame Impala record came in the mail haha.
  • For D's birthday we caught Cold Cave at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts and we had a major danceathon! It was pure luck that JoJo messaged me about taking his tickets. It was last minute but we didn't have any plans--go with the flow they say!
  • Befriended some kittens! I bring them water whenever I see them.
  • FINALLY made a new playlist! What better way to celebrate the start of Summer than with a dedicated playlist, right?
  • Marc threw a BBQ! We ate good food and spent good quality friend time. We went geocaching which was a ton of fun and witnessed the Supermoon!
  • I started an internship at the beginning of the month and i'm enjoying every minute of it. I get to spend all day hanging out with jewelry and clothes and researching fashion trends and looks. Work doesn't feel like work! I love it and i'm learning a lot!
  • One of the friends I have known the longest is getting married this year and I went to her Bridal Shower and played photographer for the day. More photos from that coming soon!

June is coming to a close but i'm glad, i'm excited for the rest of summer. I still haven't gone to the beach yet and i'm stoked for many more BBQs at Marc's. Also can't wait to post more cooking stuff since my new cuisinart food processor has totally inspired me to cook, cook, cook! One thing i'm definitely NOT looking forward to is the HEAT. It's starting to feel way too hot for me to handle. I've never done well when it's hot outside. It's worse when it's hotter in my car than outside. What a nightmare! I gotta find a local paleterĂ­a because that's the only way to cool off when it's hot! I hope you guys had a good June!


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