Supermoon Barbecue !

One of my bffs threw a BBQ this weekend, just because we haven't gotten together in a long time and it was long overdue. He has this amazing backyard with lots of space, a rad pool, and a super awesome BBQ area that he never uses. What better way to kick off Summer, right? We had burgers & hot dogs, went on a Geocaching adventure, saw the cool Supermoon, watched a ridiculously terrible movie (A Talking Cat!?!), and talked through the night. We are definitely having more BBQs this summer and I'm super stoked. I really needed friend time.

"This is your park"...yeah a pathetic piece of dry land. Thanks. 

Um. So. Have you guys been Geocaching? It's ridiculously awesome. Greg is apparently an expert Geocacher and had to tell us all about it. Basically, it's an outdoor treasure hunt. Initially it was done with the use of GPS devices, and now our ever so trusty smart phones. You basically have coordinates, and you search for a treasure that someone before you has left behind. You then can write about your adventure on the Geocache logbook. It apparently has been around for a very long time but this was the first I had ever heard of it. It's super cool and I hope I get to do it again soon. I don't go outdoors much, so it's pretty good incentive. There's more information on the Geocache website if you are interested! 

Marc found the hidden treasure!

We left our team name hidden inside the treasure. We were Team Rocket, of course. 

Also, did you guys get a chance to take a look at the Supermoon? Ridiculously bright and beautiful!

So much fun. I can't wait til the next BBQ. 


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