Festival Style: Bonnaroo 2013 Edition

Bonnaroo begins today and I couldn't be any sadder about not being there. I knew i'd have to do an internship this summer or find a job, and I couldn't do any of that if I went off gallivanting throughout the U.S. coasting festival to festival like I have spent other years. Being an adult sucks. hhahaha. Anyway, since I am not able to spend the next four days with my good pal, Mark-Adrian, complaining about the humidity and drinking cold lemonades while watching some of my favorite bands, all I can do is coordinate pretend outfits!

Bonnaroo Day 1 would consist of:
Bonnaroo 2013, Day 1

Bonnaroo 2013, Day 1 by atthisvolume featuring a white umbrella

yeah that's right, actually comfortable shoes. none of that "heeled booties" crap. Don't get me wrong, heeled ankle booties are pretty great, but they do not belong at a music festival where the only ground to walk on is GRASS. Obviously a parasol is a given if not wearing a hat, because the killer sun rays are not my friend. And because the sun is not my friend, you bet i'd be lugging around 70+spf plus another set of sunscreen moisturizer for my face (the new coola brand is so rad and smells like cucumbers!) and you know i'd be reapplying every 2 hours. I'm just that crazy. Limited jewelry of course, because who wants accidental weird tans? 

Bonnaroo Day 2:

Bonnaroo 2013, Day 2

Bonnaroo 2013, Day 2 by atthisvolume featuring dr.martens sneakers

I'm serious about the comfortable shoes thing, you guys. I know it'd probably be suuuuper hot, but you shouldn't wear sandals at a festival! Take care of your feet! Do you really want a bro to step on your feet while you're trying to dance to Animal Collective? Didn't think so. 

Bonnaroo Day 3:
Bonnaroo 2013, Day 3

Bonnaroo 2013, Day 3 by atthisvolume featuring a heart shaped umbrella

How great is this Jen's Pirate Booty tunic? You know what would make it better? Slit sides! Because i'm gonna need maximum wind power coming at me from all sides. Okay, i wouldn't slit it all the way up obviously, just would make it more comfortable. I did this before for a similar tunic I wore to Coachella in 2008 and it was 100 times much more comfortable than it originally was. Also can I mention how much I love my Fjallraven Kanken backpacks? I hate that the yellow one is nearly impossible to clean, but damn, I still love it so much. Why do I love backpacks so much more now that i'm NOT in school? sigh.

My blue kanken is actually a mini, so the parasol would definitely not fit in it (even sticking out), but I would totally come up with some way to ghetto rig a strap by tying some ribbon or something to the top of the parasol and right before the handle. Something to make it easier to lug around after sundown. Unless of course Bonnaroo has lockers! I'm not sure if they do, but if they do I highly recommend getting one so you don't have to carry things around all day. If a festival ever offers lockers, you get one! It'll make your life easier.  

Bonnaroo Day 4:

Bonnaroo 2013, Day 4

Bonnaroo 2013, Day 4 by atthisvolume featuring an agate bracelet

Have you guys tried the tarte lip tints? They are amazing! They smell good and they last ALL DAY. If there's something I truly hate about make-up it's having to reapply. Who has time for that? Who wants to look vain by reapplying their makeup several times a day? NOT ME. Plus, i'm lazy. Sorry i'm not sorry. haha. 

Okay. Man. I sure wish I was at Bonnaroo right now. I think i'll go make myself a nice cold lemonade and lurk instagram for Bonnaroo updates.  


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