Film Babble: Twenty Feet From Stardom

Friends, the film 20 Feet From Stardom is now out in select theaters. If you love music you have to see it! The film is about a few back-up singers who have spent their lives in the shadows of the performer and oftentimes unjustly going uncredited for some of their work. One of the women mentioned in the film is the wonderful Claudia Lennear, whom I have had the great pleasure of knowing for a few years now and even still, her past life never ceases to amaze me. Claudia could've been a big success, she had the drive, the talent and made pretty big-name friends along the way, but like she says in the film, "There are no guarantees in entertainment." 

Aside from Claudia, the great Ikette, the film centers around the great Darlene Love & amazing Merry Clayton, women whom you have probably at some point or another heard but didn't necessarily know you were listening to. The stories are just amazing. The director of the film did an excellent job of asking important questions and centering around the hardships these women have had to overcome. I mean, if this film does anything aside from move you deeply, it will educate you. 

The film does a great job of focusing on key backup singers ranging from the early 60s to today, with the most recent being Judith Hill, who has been on The Voice (USA). She performed at the screening I went to, and she was breathtaking. Trust me, you will enjoy this documentary!

(Judith Hill, The Waters, & Merry Clayton performing at 
the Oscars Outdoors screening of Twenty Feet From Stardom)

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