In Dreams: Free People Wishlist

free people july 2013 catalogue wishlist

free people july 2013 catalogue wishlist by atthisvolume featuring high-heel clogs

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Free People's July 2013 Catalogue dropped earlier this week and it is full of stunners. I just can't help being in love with everything from Free People! I sure wish it was more within my budget though :/

Sigh. A girl can dream though! So here's a wishlist of my top six items from the latest catalogue. Those shoes though...they haunt my dreams. Major want!


  1. I feel ya! I'm trying really hard to not think about them but it's hard. They're such beauties and I NEED them :(

  2. Such cute picks! Love the bohemian vibe. I hate the feeling of being head over heels over a brand, yet it being out of reach. It's comforting to think that present me might not be able to afford them, but lucky future me just might have a shot!